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Stray Cats - Gonna Ball (1981)

Stray Cats - Gonna Ball (1981)

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"Baby Blue Eyes" (Johnny Burnette, Paul Burlison)

"Little Miss Prissy"

"Wasn't That Good" (Wynonie Harris)

"Cryin' Shame"

"(She'll Stay Just) One More Day" (Slim Jim Phantom, Lee Rocker)

"What's Goin' Down (Cross That Bridge)"

"You Don't Believe Me" (Setzer, Lee Rocker)

"Gonna Ball" (Allen Bunn)

"Wicked Whisky"

"Rev It Up and Go"

"Lonely Summer Nights"

"Crazy Mixed-Up Kid"


Stray Cats Band Members / Musicians

Brian Setzer - guitar, vocals

Lee Rocker - bass, vocals

Slim Jim Phantom - drums, vocals

John Locke - keyboards

Steve Poncar - saxophone

Ian Stewart - keyboards

Brian McDonald - harmonica

Lee Allen - tenor saxophone

Gavin Cochrane - photography

Gonna Ball is the 2nd studio album by American rockabilly band Stray Cats, first released in the UK by Arista Records in November 1981. The album was produced by the band and Hein Hoven. It went platinum in the U.K.

Five of the album's tracks ("Baby Blue Eyes", "Little Miss Prissy", "You Don't Believe Me", "Rev It Up and Go" and "Lonely Summer Nights") were later included on the band's first American album, Built for Speed (1982). Only "You Don't Believe Me" charted in the UK, reaching #57

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