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Andrew Lloyd Webber - Aspects of Love (1989)

Andrew Lloyd Webber - Aspects of Love (1989)

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Act I

"Love Changes Everything" – Alex

"A Small Theatre in Montphile" – Rose, Marcel, Actress and Alex

"Parlez-vous Français?" – Crooner, Alex, Rose, Marcel, Waiter and Actors

"The Railway Station" – Alex and Rose

"Seeing is Believing" – Alex and Rose

"The House in Pau" – Alex and Rose

"An Art Exhibition in Paris" – George and Giulietta

"A Memory of a Happy Moment" – Giulietta and George

"In Many Rooms in the House at Pau" – Rose and Alex

"On the Terrace" – George, Alex and Rose

"Outside the Bedroom" – Rose and Alex

"Chanson d'Enfance" – Rose and Alex

"At the House at Pau" – Rose and Alex

"Everybody Loves a Hero" – Harkers and Ensemble

"George's Flat in Paris" – Elizabeth, Alex and Rose

First Orchestral Interlude – Alex, Elizabeth, Rose and George

"She'd Be Far Better Off with You" – George and Alex

Second Orchestral Interlude – Orchestra

"Stop. Wait. Please." – George, Giulietta and Rose

"A Registry Office" – Priest, Friends, George, Rose and Giulietta

"A Military Camp in Malaysia" – Alex

Act II

Orchestral introduction to Act II – Orchestra

"A Theatre in Paris" – Marcel, Rose, Actress and Hugo

"Leading Lady" – Marcel, Rose, Alex and Hugo

"At the Stage Door" – Rose and Alex

"George's House at Pau" – Jenny and George

"Other Pleasures" – George, Jenny, Rose and Alex

"A Cafe in Venice" – Giulietta

"There is More to Love" – Giulietta

"The Garden at Pau" – George, Jenny, Rose and Alex

"Mermaid Song" – Jenny, Alex and George

"The Country Side Around the House (Third Orchestral Interlude) – Orchestra

"The Garden at Pau (Version 2)" – Jenny, Alex and Rose

"On the Terrace (Version 2)" – George, Hugo, Alex, Rose and Jenny

"The First Man You Remember" – George, Jenny and Alex

"The Vineyard At Pau" – George, Rose, Alex, Jenny, Hugo and Workmen

"Up in the Pyrenees" ("Chanson d'Enfance" (Reprise) / "Love Changes Everything" (Reprise)) – Jenny and Alex

"George's Study at Pau" – George and Rose

"Journey of a Lifetime" – Chanteuse, Ensemble, George, Rose, Alex and Jenny

"Falling" – Alex, Jenny, Rose and George

"Jenny's Bedroom in Paris" – Alex, Jenny, George, Rose and Hugo

"Hand Me the Wine and the Dice" – Giulietta, Chorus, Alex, Jenny, Rose, Hugo and Marcel

"A Hay Loft" – Giulietta and Alex

"On the Terrace (Version 3)" – Alex, Jenny and Rose

"Anything But Lonely" – Rose

"It Won't be Long till Jenny's a Woman" – Giulietta and Alex

Aspects of Love is a musical with music and book by Andrew Lloyd Webber, and lyrics by Don Black and Charles Hart. It is based on the 1955 novella of the same name by David Garnett.

The piece focuses on the romantic entanglements of actress Rose Vibert, her admiring fan Alex Dillingham, his underage cousin Jenny, his uncle George, and George's mistress, sculptor Giulietta Trapani, over a period of 17 years. The "aspects" of the title refers to the many forms that love takes in the show: love between couples, both as romantic infatuation and as married people; children and their parents; and hints of same-sex attraction (Giulietta and Rose).

Lloyd Webber was introduced to Aspects of Love in 1979, when he and Tim Rice were approached to write a few songs for a proposed film version. When nothing came of it, he suggested to Trevor Nunn that they collaborate on a stage adaptation. In 1983, they presented a cabaret of numbers they had written, but it was not until five years later that they tackled the project in earnest. The musical features the song "Love Changes Everything".

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