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Axel Rudi Pell - Wild Obsession (1989)

Axel Rudi Pell - Wild Obsession (1989)

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Axel Rudi Pell (born 27 June 1960) is a German heavy metal guitar player. He commenced his musical career with Steeler (1984–88) before leaving in 1988 for a solo career. During this time, he has played with such drummers as Jörg Michael and Mike Terrana, and singers Charlie Huhn, Johnny Gioeli of Hardline, Jeff Scott Soto, and Rob Rock. Gioeli remains the longest surviving vocalist of the band, having joined the group since 1998 on the album Oceans of Time, Gioeli's first musical appearance since the 1992 Hardline album Double Eclipse.

Axel Rudi Pell Band Members / Musicians

Axel Rudi Pell — guitar (1989–present)

Johnny Gioeli — lead vocals (1998–present)

Ferdy Doernberg — keyboards (1997–present)

Volker Krawczak — bass guitar (1989–present)

Bobby Rondinelli — drums (2013–present)


Charlie Huhn (1989)

Rob Rock (1991)

Jeff Scott Soto (1992–97)


Jörg Deisinger (1989)

Thomas Smuszynski (1989)


Jörg Michael (1989–98)

Mike Terrana (1998–2013)


Georg Hahn (1989)

Rüdiger König (1989)

Kai Raglewski (1991–92)

Julie Greaux (1993–96)

Christian Wolff (1997)

Axel Rudi Pell Discography Full

With Steeler

Steeler (1984)

Rulin' the Earth (1985)

Strike Back (1986)

Undercover Animal (1988)

Solo albums

Wild Obsession (1989)

Nasty Reputation (1991)

Eternal Prisoner (1992)

Between the Walls (1994)

Black Moon Pyramid (1996)

Magic (1997)

Oceans of Time (1998)

The Masquerade Ball (2000)

Shadow Zone (2002)

Kings and Queens (2004)

Mystica (2006)

Diamonds Unlocked (2007) (cover album)

Tales of the Crown (2008)

The Crest (2010)

Circle of the Oath (2012)

Into the Storm (2014)

Game of Sins (2016)

Knights Call (2018)

Sign of the Times (2020)

Diamonds Unlocked II (2021) (cover album)


The Ballads (1993)

The Ballads II (1999)

The Wizard's Chosen Few (2000)

The Ballads III (2004)

The Best of Axel Rudi Pell: Anniversary Edition (2009)

The Ballads IV (2011)

The Ballads V (2017)


Made in Germany (1995)

Knights Live (2002)

Live on Fire (2013)

Magic Moments: 25th Anniversary Special Show (2015)

XXX Anniversary Live (2019)


Knight Treasures (Live and More) (2002)

Live Over Europe (2008)

One Night Live (2010)

Live on Fire (2013)

Magic Moments 25th Anniversary Special Show (2015)

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