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Joe Jackson - Blaze of Glory (1989)

Joe Jackson - Blaze of Glory (1989)

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1. "Tomorrow's World"   4:30
2. "Me and You (Against the World)"   4:14
3. "Down to London"   4:14
4. "Sentimental Thing"   6:09
5. "Acropolis Now"   4:21
6. "Blaze of Glory"   6:02
7. "Rant and Rave"   4:45
8. "Nineteen Forever"   5:48
9. "The Best I Can Do"   3:10
10. "Evil Empire"   3:45
11. "Discipline"   4:32
12. "The Human Touch"   5:11

Joe Jackson Band Members / Musicians

Joe Jackson – lead and backing vocals, organ, piano, synthesizers

Ed Roynesdal – synthesizer, vibraphone, Hammond organ, violin

Graham Maby – bass guitar, backing vocals

Rick Ford – bass guitar, fretless bass guitar

Tom Teeley – electric and acoustic 6-string guitars, backing vocals

Vinnie Zummo – electric, acoustic and nylon 6 and 12-string guitars, electric sitar

Gary Burke – drums

Sue Hadjopoulos – congas

Joy Askew – lead and backing vocals

Drew Barfield – lead and backing vocals

Chris Hunter – alto saxophone

Tony Aiello – tenor saxophone

Steve Elson – baritone saxophone

Michael Morreale – trumpet

Tony Barrero – trumpet

Charlie Gordon – trombone

Glenn Dicterow – violin

Anthony Cox – acoustic bass

Charles McCracken – cello

Joe Jackson – arrangements, producer

Ed Roynesdal – co-producer, sampling, Kurzweil K250 sequencer

Joe Barbaria – recording engineer

Gene Orloff – orchestra conductor

Frank Orlinsky, Pat Gorman, Richard Frankel – art direction

Sandra Haber, Laura Levine – photography

Blaze of Glory is the 10th studio album by English rock and roll singer Joe Jackson, released in 1989. Jackson has stated that the album and the songs themselves were an examination of his generation as the 1980s were ending, ranging from the optimism of the 1950s ("Tomorrow's World") to the politics of terrorism ("Rant and Rave") and the Cold War ("Evil Empire"), to yuppies ("Discipline") and rockers who are well past their prime ("Nineteen Forever"). The title track compares the legacy of a classic rock musician who died young ("...went out in a blaze of glory") with the current wannabes ("They're just cartoons" who "think they're Superman" but "can't even fly").

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