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Joe Jackson - Night and Day (1982)

Joe Jackson - Night and Day (1982)

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Night Side

1. "Another World"   4:00

2. "Chinatown"   4:08

3. "T.V. Age" (music by Jackson and Steve Tatler)   3:45

4. "Target"   3:52

5. "Steppin' Out"   4:34

Day Side

6. "Breaking Us in Two"   4:57

7. "Cancer"   6:06

8. "Real Men"   4:05

9. "A Slow Song"   7:13

Joe Jackson Band Members / Musicians

Joe Jackson – piano, Fender Rhodes piano, Yamaha electric piano, Hammond organ, Gem organ, Prophet-5 and Minimoog synthesizers, Korg Rhythm 55B Drum Machine, alto saxophone, vibes and lead vocals

Graham Maby – bass, vocals, percussion

Larry Tolfree – drums, timbales, percussion

Sue Hadjopoulos – percussion

Ricardo Torres – bongos, cowbell, claves

Ed Rynesdal – violin

Al Weisman – background vocals

Grace Millan – background vocals

Joe Jackson - arrangements, orchestration, producer and mixing

David Kershenbaum - producer and mixing

Michael Ewasko - recording engineer

Ken Tracht - assistant recording engineer

Philip Burke - artwork

George Dubose - photography

Night and Day is the 5th studio album by Joe Jackson, released in June 1982. It reached the Top 5 in both the UK and US, Jackson's only studio album to do so in either country. It sold over one million copies, earning platinum disc status. It also quickly achieved platinum status in Canada.

The album pays tribute to the wit and style of Cole Porter (and indirectly to New York). The track "Real Men" pointed obliquely to the city's early 1980s gay culture.

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