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Os Mutantes - O A e o Z (1992)

Os Mutantes - O A e o Z  (1992)

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1. "'A' e o 'Z'"   8:39

2. "Rolling Stone"   6:14

3. "Você Sabe"   6:27

4. "Hey Joe"   12:20

5. "Uma Pessoa Só"   7:31

6. "Ainda Vou Transar com Você"   7:14


Os Mutantes Band Members / Musicians

Arnaldo Baptista - Hammond organ L100, Mellotron M400, Hohner clavinet C, cello, lead and backing vocals

Sérgio Dias - electric (Régulus II and Fender Stratocaster) and 12-string acoustic guitars, sitar, lead and backing vocals

Liminha - bass guitar (Regulus and Rickenbacker 4001), acoustic guitar, backing vocals

Dinho Leme - drums, tabla, backing vocals

O A e o Z (also known as A e o Z, or "A" e o "Z", Portuguese: The A and the Z) is an album by Brazilian rock band Os Mutantes. It was their 1st record without founding member Rita Lee, and marked a shift in their sound to progressive rock. Recorded in 1973, but shelved until 1992, this was Arnaldo Baptista's last studio record with the group.

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