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Rick Wakeman - Piano Vibrations (1971)

Rick Wakeman - Piano Vibrations (1971)

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Side one

"Take Me to the Pilot" (Elton John, Bernie Taupin) – 3:00

"Yellow Man" (Randy Newman) – 2:36

"Cast Your Fate to the Wind" (Vince Guaraldi, Carel Werber) – 2:35

"Gloria, Gloria" (John Schroeder, Anthony King) – 3:08

"Your Song" (Elton John, Bernie Taupin) – 3:45

Side two

"Delta Lady" (Leon Russell) – 3:26

"A Picture of You" (John Schroeder, Anthony King) – 2:59

"Home Sweet Oklahoma" (Leon Russell) – 3:22

"Fire and Rain" (James Taylor) – 3:25

"Classical Gas" (Mason Williams) – 2:56

Rick Wakeman Band Members / Musicians

Rick Wakeman - Grand Piano

John Schroeder orchestra

Piano Vibrations, though promoted in its re-release as the 1st studio album by English progressive rock keyboardist Rick Wakeman, is not considered a Wakeman album, even by himself. His contributions were limited to performing as a session musician and he did not compose any of the tracks. The album was released in 1971 on Polydor, after Wakeman had signed on to A&M Records. The album developed from Wakeman's time as a session musician. A&M Records had signed Wakeman on as the Strawbs' keyboardist at the time of the release.

Rick Wakeman is an English keyboardist, composer and songwriter, most known as the keyboard player for progressive rock group Yes. His solo albums have sold over 50 million copies.

Rick Wakeman Discography Full

1971 Piano Vibrations

1973 The Six Wives of Henry VIII

1974 Journey to the Centre of the Earth

1975 The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

1975 Lisztomania

1976 No Earthly Connection

1977 White Rock

1977 Rick Wakeman's Criminal Record

1979 Rhapsodies

1981 The Burning (soundtrack)

1984 24

1982 Rock 'n' Roll Prophet

1983 Cost of Living

1983 G'olé! (soundtrack to 1982 FIFA World Cup film)

1984 Crimes of Passion (soundtrack)

1985 Silent Nights

1985 Live at Hammersmith

1986 Country Airs (Original)

1987 The Family Album

1987 The Gospels

1988 Time Machine

1988 A Suite of Gods

1988 Zodiaque

1988 The Word and the Gospels

1989 Black Knights at the Court of Ferdinand IV

1989 Sea Airs

1990 Night Airs

1990 Phantom Power (soundtrack)

1990 In the Beginning

1991 Rock 'n' Roll Prophet Plus

1991 Suntrilogy 1 - Aspirant Sunrise

1991 Suntrilogy 2 - Aspirant Sunset

1991 Suntrilogy 3 - Aspirant Sunshadows

1991 The Classical Connection

1991 African Bach

1991 2000 A.D. Into The Future

1991 Softsword: King John and the Magna Charter

1992 Country Airs

1993 Wakeman with Wakeman

1993 Heritage Suite

1993 No Expense Spared

1993 Prayers

1993 Classic Tracks

1993 The Classical Connection 2

1993 Unleashing The Tethered One - The 1974 North American Tour

1994 Wakeman with Wakeman: The Official Bootleg (live)

1994 Live on the Test (live)

1994 Wakeman with Wakeman Live

1994 Rick Wakeman's Greatest Hits

1994 Light Up The Sky (EP)

1994 The Stage Collection (Live)

1995 Almost Live in Europe

1995 The Piano Album

1995 The Private Collection 

1995 Romance of the Victorian Age

1995 The Seven Wonders of the World

1995 Rick Wakeman In Concert

1995 Visions

1995 Cirque Surreal

1996 Fields of Green

1996 The New Gospels

1996 Tapestries

1996 The Word and Music

1996 Can You Hear Me?

1996 Vignettes

1996 Orisons

1997 Tribute

1997 Simply Acoustic

1997 Fields Of Green '97

1998 Themes

1998 Live On The King Biscuit Flower Hour

1999 Return to the Centre of the Earth

1999 White Rock II

1999 The Natural World Trilogy

1999 The Art in Music Trilogy

2000 Preludes to a Century

2000 Chronicles of Man

2000 Christmas Variations

2000 The Legend: Live in Concert 2000

2000 Morning Has Broken

2001 Out of the Blue

2001 Classical Variations

2001 Tales of Future and Past

2002 The Wizard and the Forest of All Dreams

2002 Treasure Chest (8-CD boxset)

2002 Two Sides of Yes Volume 2

2002 The Yes Piano Variations

2003 Out There

2005 Rick Wakeman at Lincoln Cathedral (Pipe Organ)

2006 Retro

2007 Live at the BBC

2007 Retro 2

2007 Video Vault (6-DVD set)

2009 The Six Wives of Henry VIII: Live at Hampton Court Palace

2009 Past, Present and Future

2010 Always with You

2012 In the Nick of Time: Live in 2003

2016 The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table [extended re-recording]

2017 Piano Portraits

2018 Piano Odyssey

2019 Christmas Portraits

2020 The Red Planet

2020 Second Edition Box Of Boots

2021 Rick Wakeman's Yes Solos

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