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Strawbs - Baroque & Roll (2001)

Strawbs - Baroque & Roll (2001)

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"Tears and Pavan"

"Tears" (Dave Cousins)

"Pavan" (Cousins, Richard Hudson, John Ford)

"Remembering" (John Hawken)

"You and I (When We Were Young)" (Cousins)

"Evergreen" (Cousins)

"Ghosts" (Cousins)

"Sweet Dreams"

"Night Light"

"Guardian Angel"

"Night Light"

"There Will Come the Day" (Cousins, Don Airey)

"Not All the Flowers Grow" (Cousins)

"Inside Your Hell Tonight" (Dave Lambert)

"The Golden Salamander" (Cousins)

"The River" (Cousins)

"Down by the Sea" (Cousins)

"The Flower and the Young Man" (Cousins)

"Benedictus" (Cousins)

"Alice's Song" (Cathryn Craig, Brian Willoughby)

Strawbs Band Members / Musicians

Dave Cousins – lead vocals, backing vocals, acoustic guitar, dulcimer, banjo

Dave Lambert – lead vocals, backing vocals, acoustic guitar

Brian Willoughby – acoustic guitar

Robert Kirby – string arrangements on tracks 4, 8 and 14

Howard Gott – violin

Ruth Gottlieb – violin

Sophi Sirotia – viola

Sarah Willson – cello

Andy Waterworth – double bass

Baroque and Roll is a studio album by Acoustic Strawbs. Acoustic Strawbs were formed by accident after Dave Cousins and Brian Willoughby were booked to perform as a duo in Twickenham in 2000. Cousins damaged his wrist and Dave Lambert stepped in to cover while Cousins sang. The format was successful and tours were arranged. Brian Willoughby stepped down in 2004 to concentrate on his work with Cathryn Craig and he was replaced by Chas Cronk who added bass pedals and acoustic bass guitar as well as extra vocals and guitar.

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