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Strawbs - Déjà Fou (2004)

Strawbs - Déjà Fou (2004)

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"Riviera dei Fiori" (Dave Cousins, Dave Lambert) – 1:43

"Under a Cloudless Sky" (Cousins) – 5:16

"Face Down in the Well" (Cousins) – 5:55

"On a Night Like This" (Cousins) – 2:27

"If" (Cousins) – 5:07

"Cold Steel" (Lambert)) – 5:07

"Sunday Morning" (Cousins, Lambert) – 3:24

"This Barren Land" (Cousins, Lambert) – 4:47

"When the Lights Came On" (Lambert) – 5:43

"Russian Front" (Cousins, Chas Cronk, John Hawken, Lambert) – 5:40

"Here Today, Gone Tomorrow" (Cousins) – 4:14

"NRG" (Cousins) – 4:09

Strawbs Band Members / Musicians

Dave Cousins – lead vocals, backing vocals, guitar, banjo, mandolin, chromaharp

Dave Lambert – lead vocals, backing vocals, guitar

Chas Cronk – backing vocals, bass guitar, guitar

John Hawken – keyboards

Rod Coombes – drums, percussion

Chris While – vocals

Julie Matthews – vocals

Adam Wakeman - piano

Robert Kirby – French horn, string arrangements

Michael Humphrey – violin

Paul Robson – violin

Jonathan Welch – viola

Rebecca Gilliver – cello

Nick Worters – double bass

Déjà Fou is the 16th studio album by English band Strawbs. The title is a play on the phrase déjà vu, French for "already seen", as the band line-up had been seen 30 years before on the Hero and Heroine album. The phrase déjà fou literally means "already mad".

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