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Glass Tiger - Live (2006)

Glass Tiger - Live (2006)

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"Thin Red Line" (from: The Thin Red Line)

"I Will Be There" (from: The Thin Red Line)

"You're What I Look For" (from: The Thin Red Line)

"Give It Away" (from: No Turning Back: 1985-2005)

"So Blind" (from: Hold On, Alan Frew solo album)

"I'm Still Searching" (from: Diamond Sun)

"Stand Or Fall" (from: Simple Mission)

"Diamond Sun" (from: Diamond Sun (album))

"I Am With You Tonight" (from: Hold On, Alan Frew solo album)

"My Town" (from: Simple Mission)

"The Ceili" (new instrumental)

"My Song" (from: Diamond Sun)

"Someday" (from: The Thin Red Line)

"Don't Forget Me (When I'm Gone)" (from: The Thin Red Line)

Glass Tiger Band Members / Musicians

Alan Frew - vocals

Al Connelly - guitars

Wayne Parker - bass

Sam Reid - keyboards

Chris McNeill - drums

Backing vocals: Karen LeBlanc

Concertina & Tin Whistle: Loretto Reid

Trumpet: Mike Nease

Trombone: Christian Overton

Tenor Sax: Glendon Smith

Glass Tiger: Live is Canadian band Glass Tiger's first live album. It was record at The Phoenix Club, Toronto, Ontario, Canada on March 19, 2005. The album is distributed through the band's website and at live shows. Ten of these tracks were released in the US as a CD titled "Extended Versions".

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