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Grace Slick - Software (1984)

Grace Slick - Software (1984)

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Side A

1. "Call It Right Call It Wrong"   3:47

2. "Me and Me"   3:52

3. "All the Machines"   4:47

4. "Fox Face"   4:54

Side B

1. "Through the Window" (Peter Beckett)   3:32

2. "It Just Won't Stop"   4:05

3. "Habits"   3:50

4. "Rearrange My Face"   3:25

5. "Bikini Atoll" (Grace Slick)   4:52

"All the Machines (edited)" – 3:34 b/w "All the Machines" – 4:47 (1984)

"Through the Window" b/w "Habits" (1984)

Grace Slick Band Members / Musicians 

Grace Slick – lead vocals, background vocals

Peter Wolf – keyboards, Linn programming, synth bass

Peter Maunu – guitars on all tracks except "Rearrange My Face"

Brian MacLeod – Simmons drums

Bret Bloomfield – Fender bass on "Me and Me"

Michael Spiro – percussion on "Me and Me", "Fox Face", "Rearrange My Face" and "Bikini Atoll"

Dale Strumpel – sound effects on "All the Machines" and "Bikini Atoll"

Sean Hopper, Paul Kantner – background vocals on "All the Machines" and "It Just Won't Stop"

John Colla, Mickey Thomas – background vocals on "Call It Right Call It Wrong", "Me and Me", "All the Machines", "Through the Window", "It Just Won't Stop" and "Rearrange My Face"

Ron Nevison – background vocals on "Me and Me"

Ina Wolf – background vocals

Ron Nevison – producer, engineer, arrangements

Rick Sanchez – assistant engineer

Dee Dee Miller – production assistant

Peter Wolf – arrangements

Skip Johnson – manager

Michael Pangrazio – album cover illustrator

Paykos Phior – album cover design

Andrea Hein – album cover coordination, back cover concept

Grace Slick – front cover concept

Software is Grace Slick's 1984 album released by RCA Records. This album was recorded after re-joining Jefferson Starship. After working on this album, Peter Wolf would go on to contribute to Jefferson Starship's 1984 album, Nuclear Furniture. A music video was made for the single "All the Machines". Software is Grace Slick's fourth and final solo album which peaked at No. 206.

Software has been described as Slick's attempt to assimilate with the techno-pop artists of the period. Guitar use is largely replaced by synthesizers and electric drums. Slick's trademark wailing vocals and improvising is replaced by more short, precise bursts.

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Download Free Full Covers Pack Collection 12.052 IMAGE COVER FILES / 4,09GB

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