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James Gang - Thirds (1971)

James Gang - Thirds (1971)

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Side one
"Walk Away" – (Joe Walsh) – 3:32
Joe Walsh – guitar, vocals, "train wreck"
Dale Peters – bass
Jim Fox – drums

"Yadig?" – (Peters, Fox, Walsh) – 2:30
Joe Walsh – guitar, electric piano
Dale Peters – upright bass
Jim Fox – drums, vibraphone

"Things I Could Be" – (Fox) – 4:18
Jim Fox – drums, vocals, organ
Joe Walsh – guitar
Dale Peters – bass

"Dreamin' In The Country" – (Peters) – 2:57
Dale Peters – bass, vocals
Joe Walsh – guitar, pedal steel guitar
Jim Fox – drums, tack piano

"It's All The Same" – (Walsh) – 4:10
Joe Walsh – guitar, vocals, piano
Dale Peters – bass
Jim Fox – drums

Side two
"Midnight Man" – (Walsh) – 3:28
Joe Walsh – guitar, lead vocals
Dale Peters – bass, backing vocals
Jim Fox – drums
Bob Webb – backing vocals
Mary Sterpka – backing vocals, lead vocals on the third chorus

"Again" – (Walsh) – 4:04
Joe Walsh – guitar, vocals, electric piano, violin arrangements
Dale Peters – bass
Jim Fox – drums

"White Man/Black Man" – (Peters) – 5:39
Dale Peters – bass, lead vocals
Joe Walsh – guitar, piano
Jim Fox – drums
The Sweet Inspirations – backing vocals

"Live My Life Again" – (Fox) – 5:26
Jim Fox – drums, pianos
Joe Walsh – guitar, vocals
Dale Peters – bass

James Gang Band Members / Musicians

Joe Walsh – guitars, vocals, acoustic and electric pianos, pedal steel guitar, sound effects, "train wreck" (noted on the album cover; this reference is to the multiple cascading and heavily distorted guitars at the end of "Walk Away")

Dale Peters – bass guitar, vocals, upright bass

Jim Fox – drums, vocals, percussion, piano, organ, vibraphone

Bob Webb – backing vocals on "Midnight Man"

Tom Baker – horns

Mary Sterpka – backing vocals on "Midnight Man"

The Sweet Inspirations – backing vocals on "White Man/Black Man"

James Gang & Bill Szymczyk – producers
Bill Szymczyk – engineer
Kenneth Hamann – engineer
Eddie Youngblood – engineer
Dale Peters & Jim Fox – reissue liner notes
Tom Wilkes – cover design
Tom Wright – cover design, photography

Thirds is the 3rd studio album by the American rock band James Gang. The album was released in mid 1971, on the label ABC Records. It is the last studio album featuring Joe Walsh. "Walk Away" was released as a single, making the Top 40 on at least one national chart, reaching #51 on the Billboard Hot 100, the best placement of a James Gang single. The album reached Gold status in July 1972.

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