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Levon Helm - Levon Helm (1982)

Levon Helm - Levon Helm (1982)

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"You Can't Win 'Em All" (Andy Bown, Tony Chapman)

"Lucrecia" (Richard Supa)

"Even a Fool Would Let Go" (Kerry Chater, Tom Snow)

"I've Got a Bet with Myself" (David Elliot)

"Money" (Janie Bradford, Berry Gordy)

"Get Out Your Big Roll Daddy" (Troy Seals, Roger Chapman)

"Willie and the Hand Jive" (Johnny Otis)

"The Got Song" (Tommy Talton)

"Give a Little Bit" (Talton)

"God Bless 'Em All" (Mickey Buckins)

"Summertime Blues" (Eddie Cochran) (2005 bonus track on European LP and US CD)

Levon Helm Band Members / Musicians

Levon Helm – vocals, drums, percussion, mandolin

Duncan Cameron, Earl Cate, Jimmy Johnson, Pete Carr, Wayne Perkins – guitar

David Hood – bass guitar

Barry Beckett, Ernest Cate, Steve Nathan – keyboards

Mickey Buckins, Owen Hale, Roger Hawkins – drums, percussion

Harvey Thompson, Robert Harwell – tenor saxophone

Ronald Eades – baritone saxophone

Ben Cauley, Harrison Calloway – trumpet

Charles Rose – trombone

Jimmy "Doc" Simpson – clarinet

Ava Aldridge, Bonnie Bramlett, Lenny LeBlanc, Mac McAnally, Richard Supa, Robert Byrne, Ron Eoff, Russell Smith, Terry Cagle, Wayne Perkins, Will McFarlane – vocals

Levon Helm is a 1982 album by Levon Helm. It was his 2nd eponymous album and his last studio album until Dirt Farmer, released in 2007.

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