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Siena Root - Different Realities (2009)

Siena Root - Different Realities (2009)

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1. "We Are Them"   10:36

2. "In the Desert"   3:13

3. "Over the Mountains"   7:42

4. "As We Return"   4:00

The Road to Agartha (Raagmala)

5. "Bairagi"   4:04

6. "Bhairavi"   3:28

7. "Ahir Bhairav"   3:44

8. "Bhimpalasi"   1:24

9. "Bhimpalasi"   2:27

10. "Jog"   10:17

Total length:   50:55

Siena Root Band Members / Musicians

Sam Riffer – bass, double bass, darbuka

KG West – guitar, sitar, organ, rhodes piano, synthesizer, tzouras

Love H Forsberg – drums, percussion

Anna Sandberg – recorder, Rauschpfeife, vocals, tambourine

Tängman – Hurdy-gurdy, tambourine

Janet Jones Simmonds – vocals

Siena Root – Record producer, recording, mixing, mastering

Per Ängkvist – recording, mixing

Christoffer Stannow – mastering

Visual art

Siena Root – cover artwork, layout

Christian Olani – cover artwork, layout

Real Music Studio, Stockholm, Sweden – recording, mixing

Cosmos Mastering – mastering

Different Realities is the 4th studio album by Swedish rock band Siena Root. It´s an album of two musical pieces, where side A is leaning more to the electric side of Siena Root, and side B more to the acoustic. The B-side is a "raagmala", a series of ragas, that stretch from the morning (Bairagi) to midnight (Jog). It's an all analogue production made for reproduction on vinyl. No digital equipment was involved in the making.

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