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Willie Nelson - A Horse Called Music (1989)

Willie Nelson - A Horse Called Music (1989)

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"Nothing I Can Do About It Now" (Beth Nielsen Chapman) – 3:17

"The Highway" (Tom Conner, Richard Wesley) – 3:55

"I Never Cared For You" (Nelson) – 2:25

"If I Were a Painting" (Skip Ewing, Don Sampson) – 3:20

"Spirit" (Kent Robbins, William Robinson) – 4:16

"There You Are" (Kye Fleming, Mike Reid) – 3:04

"Mr. Record Man" (Nelson)– 2:08

"If My World Didn't Have You" (Chapman)– 3:42

"A Horse Called Music" (Wayne Carson Thompson)– 4:26

"Is the Better Part Over" (Nelson)– 3:31

Willie Nelson Band Members / Musicians

Willie Nelson – Acoustic Guitar, vocals

Thomas Brannon – Vocals

Larry Byrom – Electric Guitar

Beth Nielsen Chapman – Vocals

Billy Gene English – Percussion, Drums

Paul English – Drums

Scott Jarrett – Vocals

Wendy Suits Johnson – Vocals

Jana King – Vocals

Larrie Londin – Drums

Grady Martin – Electric Guitar

Farrell Morris – Percussion

Bobbie Nelson – Piano

Louis Dean Nunley – Vocals

Bobby Ogdin – Piano

Larry Paxton – Bass

Jody Payne – Electric Guitar

Don Potter – Acoustic Guitar

Mickey Raphael – Harmonica

Ronnie Reno – Mandola

Lisa Silver – Vocals

Bee Spears – Bass

Bergen White – Arranger, Vocals

Chip Young – Acoustic Guitar

Reggie Young – Acoustic Guitar

A Horse Called Music is the 37th studio album by country singer Willie Nelson. The album includes Nelson's last number 1 single, "Nothing I Can Do About It Now", and the single "There You Are", which peaked at #8 on the Billboard country chart.

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