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Willie Nelson - Yesterday's Wine (1971)

Willie Nelson - Yesterday's Wine (1971)

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Side one

1. "Intro: Willie Nelson and Band"   3:41

2. "In God's Eyes"   2:23

3. "Family Bible"   3:12

4. "It's Not for Me to Understand"   3:06

5. "Medley: These Are Difficult Times" / "Remember the Good Times"   3:17

Side two

1. "Summer of Roses"   2:05

2. "December Day"   2:19

3. "Yesterday's Wine"   3:15

4. "Me and Paul"   3:50

5. "Goin' Home"   3:06

Willie Nelson Band Members / Musicians

Willie Nelson – vocals, guitar

William Paul Ackerman – drums

Jerry Carrigan – drums

Roy M. "Junior" Huskey – bass guitar

Dave Kirby – guitar

Charlie McCoy – harmonica

Weldon Myrick – steel guitar

Hargus "Pig" Robbins – organ, piano

Jerry Dean Smith – piano

Buddy Spicher – fiddle

Bobby Thompson – banjo

Herman Wade, Jr. – guitar

Chip Young – guitar

Dave Zettner – guitar

Felton Jarvis – Producer

Vic Anesini – Mastering

Steven Bernstein – Design

Gretchen Brennison – Production Assistant

Jeremy Holiday – Production Assistant

John Hudson – Product Manager

Al Pachucki – Engineer

Mike Shockley – Recording Technician

Roy Shockley – Recording Technician

Hartsel Gray - cover illustration

Yesterday's Wine is the 13th studio album and a concept album by country singer Willie Nelson. Nelson had been recording for RCA Victor since the early 1960s, and had no significant hits. By 1970, his recordings had reached mid-chart positions. Nelson lost the money from his song-writing royalties by financing unsuccessful concert tours that were generally unprofitable. In addition to problems with his music career, Nelson had problems in his personal life. He had divorced his wife, Shirley Collie, and his Tennessee ranch had been destroyed by a fire.

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