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Aretha Franklin - Hey Now Hey (The Other Side of the Sky) (1973)

Aretha Franklin - Hey Now Hey (The Other Side of the Sky) (1973)

Tracklist front / back album covers

Side One

"Hey Now Hey (The Other Side of the Sky)" (Aretha Franklin) - 4:41

"Somewhere" (Leonard Bernstein, Stephen Sondheim) - 6:14

"So Swell When You're Well" (James Booker, Aretha Franklin) - 4:14

"Angel" (Carolyn Franklin, Sonny Sanders) - 4:26

"Sister from Texas" (Aretha Franklin) - 3:08

Side Two

"Mister Spain" (Carolyn Plummer) - 6:41

"That's The Way I Feel About Cha" (Bobby Womack, Jim Grisby, Joe Hicks) - 7:10

"Moody's Mood" (James Moody, Jimmy McHugh, Dorothy Fields) - 2:55

"Just Right Tonight" (Aretha Franklin, Avery Parrish, Buddy Feyne, Quincy Jones, Robert Bruce) - 7:42'

CD reissue bonus track

"Master of Eyes (The Deepness of Your Eyes)" (Aretha Franklin, Bernice Hart) - 3:25

Aretha Franklin Band Members / Musicians

Aretha Franklin – lead vocals, acoustic piano solo (2, 3)

Spooner Oldham – keyboards

Billy Preston – acoustic piano solo (9)

Jimmy Johnson – guitar

Tommy Cogbill – bass guitar

Jerry Jemmott – bass guitar

Roger Hawkins – drums

Richie Pratt – drums

Phil Woods – alto saxophone (2)

Joe Farrell – tenor sax solo (4), flute solo (6)

Willie Bridges – saxophone

Charles Chalmers – saxophone

Andrew Love – saxophone

Floyd Newman – saxophone

Wayne Jackson – trumpet

Producers – Quincy Jones and Aretha Franklin

Recording Engineer – Phil Schier

Remixing – Gene Paul (Track 1); Quincy Jones and Phil Schier (Tracks 2–9)

Track 1 remixed at Record Plant; Tracks 2-9 remixed at Atlantic Studios (New York, NY)

Mastered at Artisan Sound Recorders (Hollywood, CA)

Album Design – Ken Cunningham, Jim Dunn and Aretha Franklin

Cover Illustration – Jim Dunn

Hey Now Hey (The Other Side of the Sky) is the 19th studio album by American singer-songwriter Aretha Franklin. Released on June 25, 1973, by Atlantic Records, It was the first Atlantic album by Aretha to miss the Top 25 of the main Billboard chart. (It peaked at #30 but reached #2 on the R&B albums listing.) This album was originally planned to be a straight jazz album with songs like "Moody's Mood" and "Just Right Tonight", but producers Franklin and Quincy Jones took a detour and produced songs like "Mister Spain" and the title cut.

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