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Bob Geldof - The Happy Club (1992)

Bob Geldof - The Happy Club (1992)

Tracklist front / back album covers

UK / international version

"Room 19" – 5:14

"Attitude Chicken" – 4:36

"The Soft Soil" – 7:29

"A Hole to Fill" – 5:05

"The Song of the Emergent Nationalist" – 6:55

"My Hippy Angel" – 5:31

"The Happy Club" – 4:05

"Like Down on Me" – 5:58

"Too Late God" – 3:46

"Roads of Germany (After B.D.)" – 5:14

"A Sex Thing" – 5:09

"The House at the Top of the World" – 4:13

Great Songs of Indifference re-release

"Shine On" – 4:10

"Huge Birdless Silence" – 3:24

"Maybe Heaven" – 5:52

US version

"Room 19"

"A Hole to Fill"

"The Song of the Emergent Nationalist"

"Attitude Chicken"

"Yeah, Definitely"

"The House at the Top of the World"

"The Soft Soil"

"A Sex Thing"

"My Hippy Angel"

"The Happy Club"

"Like Down on Me"

"Too Late God"

"Roads of Germany (After B.D.)"

Bob Geldof Band Members / Musicians

The Happy Clubsters

Bob Geldof – lead vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, harmonica

Pete Briquette – bass guitar, keyboards, programming

Bob Loveday – violin, penny whistle, bass guitar, recorder

Geoff Richardson – viola, mandolin, electric and acoustic guitar, saxophone, ukulele, penny whistle

Jamie Moses – electric and acoustic guitars

Niall Power – drums

Alan Dunn – accordion, piano, tin whistle, organ, one-row melodeon, keyboards

Spike Edney – organ, piano, guitar, keyboards

Trainee Clubster

Karl Wallinger - guitar, drums, vocals, keyboards

Johnny Milton – engineer

Stephen W. Taylor – engineer

The Happy Club is the 3rd solo studio album by Bob Geldof.

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