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Diamanda Galas - The Divine Punishment (1986)

Diamanda Galas - The Divine Punishment (1986)

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Side A

1. "Deliver Me From Mine Enemies" (I. This Is the Law of the Plague/II. Deliver Me From Mine Enemies/

III. We Shall not Accept Your Quarantine/IV. Εξελόυμε/V. Γιατί, Ό Θεός?/VI. Psalm 22)   19:15

Side B

1. "Free Among the Dead" (I. Psalm 88/II. Lamentations/III. Sono L'Antichristo)   13:32

Diamanda Galas Band Members / Musicians

Diamanda Galás – vocals, co-producer

Production and additional personnel

T.J. Eng – photography

Frank Harris – engineering (B1)

Naut Humon – engineering (B1)

Dave Hunt – production, engineering (A1), mixing (B1)

Richard Zvonar – engineering (B1)

The Divine Punishment is the 3rd album by American avant-garde artist Diamanda Galás, released on June 30, 1986 by record label Mute.

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