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John Cale - Church of Anthrax (with Terry Riley) (1971)

John Cale - Church of Anthrax (with Terry Riley) (1971)

Tracklit front / back album covers

Side A

1. "Church of Anthrax"   9:05

2. "The Hall of Mirrors in the Palace at Versailles"    7:59

Side B

1. "The Soul of Patrick Lee"   2:49

2. "Ides of March"   11:03

3. "The Protégé"   2:52

John Cale Band Members / Musicians

John Cale – keyboards, bass guitar, harpsichord, piano, guitar, viola, organ

Terry Riley – piano, organ, soprano saxophone

Adam Miller – vocals on "The Soul of Patrick Lee"

Bobby Colomby – drums

Bobby Gregg – second drums

Don Meehan - engineer

John Berg, Richard Mantel – cover design

Kim Whitesides – cover art

Don Huntstein – cover photography

Church of Anthrax is a collaborative studio album by musicians John Cale and Terry Riley. It was released in February 1971 by record label CBS, nearly a year after the material was recorded. It followed Riley's success with 1969's A Rainbow in Curved Air and Cale's influential work with the Velvet Underground.

The album was reissued and remastered in 2014.

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