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John Cale - HoboSapiens (2003)

John Cale - HoboSapiens (2003)

Tracklist front / back album covers

0. "Set Me Free" (Pregap hidden track on European CD editions)   4:32

1. "Zen"   6:03

2. "Reading My Mind"   4:11

3. "Things"   3:36

4. "Look Horizon"   5:40

5. "Magritte"   4:58

6. "Archimedes"   4:40

7. "Caravan"   6:43

8. "Bicycle"   5:05

9. "Twilight Zone"   3:49

10. "Letter from Abroad"   5:10

11. "Things X"   4:50

12. "Over Her Head"   5:22

John Cale Band Members / Musicians

John Cale - keyboards, guitars, electric viola, viola, vocals, backing vocals, samples, bass, harmonium

Andy Green - guitar, samples, additional production

Erik Sanko - bass, slack dulcimer

Joe Gore - guitar

Emil Miland - cello

Ryan Coseboom - samples

Mikael "Count" Eldridge - drum loops, samples

Marco Giovino - drums, percussion

Roberto, Daniele, Alba Clemente, Giovani - Italian voices

Lance Doss - guitars, backing vocals

John Kurzweig - guitars

Joel Mark - guitars, bass

Jeff Eyrich - bass

Bill Swartz - drums

Eden Cale - spoken words

Dimitri Tikovoï - samples

Brian Foreman - bass

Shelley Harland - samples

Lisa Bielawa, Elizabeth Farnum, Alexandra Montano, Gayla Morgan - a tonal voices

Brian Eno - drum loops on "Bicycle"

Photography - Jon Shard

Art direction and design - Rick Myers

Executive producer - Nita Scott

Recorded at MediaLuna, New York City; Globe Studios, New York City; Engine Studios, Chicago; D's Attic, London; and SF Soundworks, San Francisco

Mixed at Eden Studios, London

HoboSapiens is a solo studio album by John Cale, his 1st album since 1996's Walking on Locusts. HoboSapiens was released by EMI in October 2003, and was preceded by the EP 5 Tracks in May 2003. A single was released for "Things" shortly after the album's release. Cale co-produced the album with Nick Franglen of Lemon Jelly, and Brian Eno provided the drum loop for the song "Bicycle". The album was met with widespread critical acclaim.

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