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L.A. Guns - L.A. Guns (1988)

L.A. Guns - L.A. Guns (1988)

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1. "No Mercy"   2:45

2. "Sex Action"   3:38

3. "One More Reason"   3:05

4. "Electric Gypsy"   3:24

5. "Nothing to Lose"   4:12

6. "Bitch Is Back"   2:50

7. "Cry No More"   1:20

8. "One Way Ticket"   4:17

9. "Hollywood Tease" (originally recorded by Girl)   2:43

10. "Shoot for Thrills" (originally recorded by Sweet Pain)   4:24

11. "Down in the City"   3:58

Total length:   36:36

Japanese reissue bonus track

12. "Winters Fool"   3:38

Total length:   40:14

L.A. Guns Band Members / Musicians

Phil Lewis – lead vocals

Tracii Guns – lead guitar

Mick Cripps – rhythm guitar, keyboards, backing vocals

Kelly Nickels – bass, harmonica, whistle, backing vocals

Nickey "Beat" Alexander – drums

Steve Riley – drums (track 12)

Jim Faraci – production, engineering

Charlie Brocco – engineering

Howard Benson – string arrangements (tracks 7 and 8)

Alan Jones – tenor and baritone saxophones (track 5)

Paul Kaufman – washboard (track 11)

Michael Bays – art direction

Mitchell Kanner – design

John Scarpati – photography

L.A. Guns is the self-titled debut studio album by American glam metal band L.A. Guns. Recorded at The Village Recorder in West Los Angeles, it was produced by Jim Faraci and released on January 4, 1988 by Vertigo Records. The album is the only L.A. Guns release to feature drummer Nickey "Beat" Alexander, who was replaced by Steve Riley before it was released. "One More Reason", "Sex Action" and "Electric Gypsy" were released as the three singles from the album.

L.A. Guns are an American glam metal band from Los Angeles, California, formed in 1983. The lineup currently consists of Tracii Guns (lead guitar), Phil Lewis (lead vocals), Ace Von Johnson[9] (rhythm guitar, backing vocals), Johnny Martin (bass, backing vocals) and Scot Coogan (drums). The first incarnation of the group was formed by Tracii Guns and Rob Gardner in 1983 and merged with fellow Los Angeles group, Hollywood Rose, to form Guns N' Roses in March 1985. After only a brief tenure in that band, Guns reformed L.A. Guns with a new lineup, consisting of Paul Black, Mick Cripps, Robert Stoddard, and Nickey Alexander. Black would soon be replaced by former Girl singer Phil Lewis while former Faster Pussycat bassist Kelly Nickels was added to the group. Later, Alexander would be replaced by former W.A.S.P. drummer Steve Riley with this being known as the "classic lineup" of L.A. Guns. They achieved moderate chart success in the late 1980s and early 1990s. However, the group went through numerous lineup changes (with Riley being the most consistent member) and failed to regain mainstream attention.

L.A. Guns Band Members / Musicians

Tracii Guns – lead guitar (1983–1985, 1985–2002, 2016–present; 2006–2012 in Tracii Guns' L.A. Guns), rhythm guitar (1983–1985, 1995–1999, 2001–2002; 2006–2012 in Tracii Guns' L.A. Guns)

Phil Lewis – lead vocals (1987–1995, 1999–present), rhythm guitar (2003–2016)

Johnny Martin - bass (2016-present)

Ace Von Johnson – rhythm guitar, backing vocals (2018–present)

Scot Coogan – drums, percussion (2019–present)

Kelly Nickels – bass, backing vocals, occasional harmonica, lead vocals on one song ("Nothing Better to Do" off of the Vicious Circle album) (2018–present; 1987–1995, 1999–2000 in Guns'/Lewis' L.A. Guns)

Steve Riley – drums, percussion, backing vocals (2018–present; 1987–1992, 1994–2016 in Guns'/Lewis' L.A. Guns)

Scott Griffin – lead guitar, backing vocals (2018–present), bass (2007–2009, 2011–2014 in Riley'/Lewis' L.A. Guns)

Kurt Frohlich – lead vocals, rhythm guitar (2019–present)

L.A. Guns Discography Full

L.A. Guns (1988)

Cocked & Loaded (1989)

Hollywood Vampires (1991)

Vicious Circle (1994)

American Hardcore (1996)

Shrinking Violet (1999)

Man in the Moon (2001)

Waking the Dead (2002)

Tales from the Strip (2005)

Hollywood Forever (2012)

The Missing Peace (2017)

The Devil You Know (2019)

Renegades (2020)

Checkered Past (2021)

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