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Steamhammer - Speech (1972)

Steamhammer - Speech (1972)

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Side one

1. "Penumbra"



"Passage to Remorse"

"Sightless Substance"

"Mortal Thought"


Side two

2. "Telegram (Nature's Mischief)"   12:00

3. "For Against"   10:58

Steamhammer Band Members / Musicians

Martin Pugh - guitar, vocals

Louis Cennamo - bass, bowed bass, vocals

Mick Bradley - percussion

Garth Watt-Roy - lead vocals

Keith Relf - backing vocals, production assistance

Pete Booth - engineer

Paul Whitehead - cover art

Speech is the 4th and final album of the British blues-rock band Steamhammer.

In 1971, bassist Steve Davy left the band, and Louis Cennamo was recruited as his replacement - then, vocalist/guitarist Kieran White also left after a summer tour. Guitarist Martin Pugh, drummer Mick Bradley and Cennamo (with guest vocalist Garth Watt-Roy, of Fuzzy Duck) then went in the studio to record Speech, which was released in 1972. It consisted of three lengthy (and mostly instrumental) songs in a heavier progressive-rock vein, that was somewhat different from their initial blues and folk/jazz-influenced albums.

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