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Stephen Bishop - Blue Guitars (1996)

Stephen Bishop - Blue Guitars (1996)

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1. "I Go Numb"   4:12

2. "Dive into the Pool of Love"   4:14

3. "On Blonde Street"   5:02

4. "When You Love Somebody"   4:33

5. "(Just Like) Romeo and Juliet"   3:24

6. "Wall Around Your Heart"   5:44

7. "The King of Tonga"   3:58

8. "Picasso Played a Blue Guitar"   4:33

9. "Italian Rain"   4:29

10. "Let Your Heart Remember"   4:19

11. "When Love Was Grand"   3:38

12. "Separate Lives" (acoustic version)   4:24

13. "R's Theme"   1:58

Blue Guitars is a studio album by singer/songwriter Stephen Bishop. An album with the same title was released in Japan in 1994.

The Japanese release includes two tracks, "Yeh Yeh" and "Natalie", not found on the American version. The American release includes two tracks, "On Blonde Street" and "Wall Around Your Heart", not found on the Japanese version. These tracks were produced by Jeff Jones. All others were produced by Andrew Gold. Some track lengths are also substantially different between the two releases.

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