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The Idle Race - Idle Race (1969)

The Idle Race - Idle Race (1969)

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"Come With Me" - 2:45 (rechanneled to simulate stereo)

"Sea Of Dreams" - 3:13

"Going Home" - 3:44

"Reminds Me Of You" (Dave Pritchard) - 2:54

"Mr. Crow and Sir Norman" - 3:17

"Please No More Sad Songs" - 3:20

"Girl At The Window" - 3:44

"Big Chief Woolly Bosher" - 5:15

"Someone Knocking" (Dave Pritchard) - 2:56

"A Better Life (The Weatherman Knows)" - 2:45

"Hurry Up John" - 3:33


Idle Race Band Members / Musicians

Jeff Lynne - vocals, guitar, piano

Dave Pritchard - guitar, vocals

Greg Masters - bass guitar, vocals

Roger Spencer - drums, vocals

Idle Race is the 2nd album by the Idle Race, the follow-up to the band's debut, The Birthday Party.

Released in 1969, this record was the first to be produced by Jeff Lynne. After this album failed to chart, Lynne accepted Roy Wood's invitation to join fellow Birmingham band the Move.

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