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Kino - Nachalnik Kamchatki (1984)

Kino - Nachalnik Kamchatki (1984)

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"Последний герой" (Last Hero)

"Каждую ночь" (Every Night)

"Транквилизатор" (Tranquilizer)

"Сюжет для новой песни" (Theme for a New Song)

"Гость" (Guest)

"Камчатка" (Kamchatka)

"Ария мистера Х" (The Aria of Mr. X) (from Emmerich Kalman's operetta The Circus Princess)

"Троллейбус" (Trolleybus)

"Растопите снег" (Melt Down the Snow)

"Дождь для нас" (Rain for Us)

"Хочу быть с тобой" (Want to Be with You)

"Генерал" (General)

"Прогулка романтика" (Walk of a Romantic)

Kino Band Members / Musicians

Viktor Tsoi – vocals, guitar

Yuri Kasparyan – guitar

Alexander Titov – bass guitar, percussion

Boris Grebenshchikov – drum machine, Casio PT-1

Sergey Kuryokhin – keyboards

Petr Troshchenkov – percussion

Vsevolod Gakkel' – cello, drums

Georgy Guryanov – percussion

Igor Butman – saxophone

Nachalnik Kamchatki (Russian: Начальник Камчатки, lit. 'Chief of Kamchatka') is the 3rd album of the Soviet rock band Kino. The name of the album is a play on the title of the 1967 Soviet film Chief of Chukotka (Russian: Начальник Чукотки, romanized: Nachalnik Chukotki).

The album was recorded on a multitrack tape recorder in the AnTrop studio. Andrei Tropillo supervised and engineered the recording. Musicians from Aquarium and the AnTrop studio collective played alongside Kino. The album was initially released in 1984 and distributed as magnitizdat.

A review of the album appeared in issue 7 of the rock samizdat journal, Roksi.

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