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Petra - No Doubt (1995)

Petra - No Doubt (1995)

Tracklist front / back album covers

"Enter In" – 5:00

"Think Twice" – 4:19

"Heart of a Hero" (words by Brian Wooten) – 4:10

"More Than a Thousand Words" – 4:58

"No Doubt" – 4:54

"Right Place" – 3:38

"Two Are Better Than One" – 3:43

"Sincerely Yours" – 4:16

"Think on These Things" – 4:24

"For All You're Worth" (words by Jim Cooper) – 4:14

"We Hold Our Hearts Out to You" – 4:11

Petra Band Members / Musicians

David Lichens - Guitar, vocals

John Schlitt - Lead Vocals

Jim Cooper - Keyboards, vocals

Ronny Cates - Bass, vocals

Louie Weaver - Drums

Bob Hartman - All guitars

Chris Rodriguez - background vocals

Micah Wilshire - background vocals

John Elefante - Additional keyboards

The Nashville String Machine - Strings

Tom Howard & John Elefante - String arrangement

John & Dino Elefante - Producer

Bob Hartman - Executive producer

Recorded at the Sound Kitchen - Cool Springs, Franklin, Tennessee

Mixed by Steve Marcantonio & Terry Christian

Mastered by Hank Williams at Master Mix

Strings recorded at Great Circle Sound, Nashville, Tennessee

Strings recorded by Dave Murphy

No Doubt is the 15th studio album of the Christian rock band, Petra. It was released on August 26, 1995.

The tone of the album is more pop-oriented than any previous release featuring Schlitt. Most of the rock songs lack the driving edge of their previous albums, and the sonic field is no longer flooded with distorted guitars, leaning more toward a calculated, radio-friendly sound.

All the guitars in the album were played by founder Bob Hartman. However, since he had quit touring with the band before the release of the album, new guitarist David Lichens was enlisted to travel with the band and appeared in the album art and promotional pictures.

The album also featured another new member, keyboardist Jim Cooper. Cooper was a keyboard technician for former keyboardist John Lawry for several years. When Lawry retired, Cooper replaced him.

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