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Petra - Petra Praise 2: We Need Jesus (1997)

Petra - Petra Praise 2: We Need Jesus (1997)

Tracklist front / back album covers

"Song of Moses, Rev. – 15:3-4" (Words & Music by Jim Cooper and Brian Wooten) – 4:17

"Lord, I Lift Your Name on High" (Words & Music by Rick Founds) – 3:02

"Be of Good Cheer" – 3:55

"Show Your Power" (Words & Music by Kevin Prosch) – 4:10

"I Love You Lord" (Words & Music by Laurie Klein) – 3:53

"The Holiest Name" – 3:34

"Let Our Voices Rise Like Incense" (Words & Music by Linda Whitmer-Bell) – 2:29

"Ancient of Days" (Words & Music by Gary Sadler and Jamie Harvill)– 3:52

"I Waited For The Lord on High" (Words & Music by Bill Batstone) – 2:47

"Lovely Lord" – 4:25

Medley – 5:58

"Only by Grace" (Words & Music by Gerrit Gustafson)

"To Him Who Sits on the Throne" (Words & Music by Debbye Graafsma)

"You Are Holy" (Words & Music by Scott Wesley Brown)

"We Need Jesus" (Words & Music by Scott Springer, John & Dino Elefante) – 4:14

Petra Band Members / Musicians

John Schlitt - lead vocals

Louie Weaver - drums

Lonnie Chapin - bass guitar

Bob Hartman - guitars

Dan Needham

Matt Pearson

Jeff "Max" Roach

Gary Burnett

Scott Denté

George Marinelli

John Elefante - guest vocals

Lou Gramm - guest vocals ("We Need Jesus")

John & Dino Elefante - Producer

Bob Hartman - Executive Producer

Engineered by Joe Baldridge and Dino Elefante

Overdub Engineer - Richie Biggs

Assistant Engineer - Tim Coyle, Daryl Roudebush

Mixed by Steve Marcantonio

Recorded and Mixed at The Sound Kitchen, Franklin, Tennessee

Additional Overdubs at The Border, Battery, The Snack Bar

Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering, Portland, ME

Petra Praise 2: We Need Jesus is the 16th studio album of the Christian rock band Petra and their second praise album. It was released on February 18, 1997.

The album was released amidst some major line-up changes in the band, and it features contributions of several musicians. It's the first album to feature Lonnie Chapin on bass guitar, who would become the band's full-time bassist until 2001.

The music is a mixture of traditional and original praise songs with a rock style. It is considered to be more diverse musically than the band's first, straight forward hard rock, praise album. Most of the original songs were penned by band founder Bob Hartman (except "Song of Moses" that was written by former keyboardist Jim Cooper and well-known musician Brian Wooten).

The title song features lead singer John Schlitt pairing up with producer and fellow singer John Elefante and singer Lou Gramm (from Foreigner).

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