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Die Ärzte - Jazz ist anders (2007)

Die Ärzte - Jazz ist anders (2007)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Himmelblau"   "Sky Blue"   3:16

2. "Lied vom Scheitern"   "Song About Failing"   3:29

3. "Breit"   "Wide", colloquially "Drunk"   3:14

4. "Lasse redn"   "Let 'Em Talk"   2:49

5. "Die ewige Maitresse"   "The Eternal Mistress"   2:24

6. "Junge"   "Boy"   3:07

7. "Nur einen Kuss"   "Just a Kiss" or "Just one Kiss"   4:25

8. "Perfekt"   "Perfect"   2:35

9. "Heulerei"   "Crying" or "Whining"   2:13

10. "Licht am Ende des Sarges"   "Light at the End of the Coffin"   2:47

11. "Niedliches Liebeslied"   "Cute Love Song"   3:40

12. "Deine Freundin (wäre mir zu anstrengend)"   "Your Girlfriend (Would Be too Strenuous for Me)"   2:12

13. "Allein"   "Alone"   3:48

14. "Tu das nicht"   "Don't Do That"   3:52

15. "Living Hell"   3:41

16. "Vorbei ist vorbei"   "Over Is Over"   3:00

Total length:   50:47

Bonus EP

0. "Nimm es wie ein Mann (a.k.a. Kurt Cobain)" (hidden in the pregap)   2:06

1. "Wir sind die Besten"   "We're the Best"   2:28

2. "Wir waren die Besten"   "We Were the Best"   4:14

3. "Wir sind die Lustigsten"   "We're the Funniest"   4:34

Total length:   13:24

"Nimm es wie ein Mann (a.k.a. Kurt Cobain)" is after "Wir sind die lustigsten" on vinyl and download versions.


2007: "Junge"

2008: "Lied vom Scheitern"

2008: "Lasse redn"

2009: "Perfekt" "Breit" "Himmelblau"

Die Ärzte Band Members / Musicians

Farin Urlaub – guitar, vocals

Bela Felsenheimer – drums, vocals

Rodrigo González – bass, vocals

Jazz ist anders ("Jazz is different") is the 11th full-length studio album by German rock band Die Ärzte. It was released on 2 November 2007. The album has a bonus-EP with three songs about the band and a hidden track. This is the first album after Debil that Die Ärzte produced alone. The cover is a reference to the most consumed food during their studio sessions: pizza. The whole packaging looks like a pizza box; the CD itself has a picture of a pizza on it and the bonus EP on their website is accessible using a code printed on paper in the shape of a green pepper. The EP looks like a tomato slice. The album has been criticized for not being as funny as one would expect from Die Ärzte, although it was very warmly received by fans.

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