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Die Ärzte - auch (2012)

Die Ärzte - auch (2012)

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1. "Ist das noch Punkrock?" (Is This Still Punkrock?)   2:59

2. "Bettmagnet" (Bed Magnet)   3:07

3. "Sohn der Leere" (Son of the Void)   3:42

4. "TCR" (Taking Care of Rock)   3:44

5. "Das darfst du" (You Are Allowed To)   3:20

6. "Tamagotchi"   3:06

7. "M&F" (Men & Women)   4:16

8. "Freundschaft ist Kunst" (Friendship is Art)   3:22

9. "Angekumpelt"   2:34

10. "Waldspaziergang mit Folgen" (Walk in the Woods with Consequences)   3:27

11. "Fiasko" (Fiasco)   2:44

12. "Miststück" (Bitch)   3:39

13. "Das finde ich gut" (I Like It)   2:27

14. "Cpt. Metal"   4:36

15. "Die Hard"   2:20

16. "zeiDverschwÄndung" (corruption of "Zeitverschwendung", which means "Waste of time")   2:57

Total length:   52:32

auch ("also") is the 12th full-length studio album by German rock band Die Ärzte. It was released on 13 April 2012. For each song on the album, an animation and a performance video was released on YouTube. The B-sides of the singles also received a video (altogether 37 videos). The videos can also be bought in iTunes. The first single "zeiDverschwÄndung" was released on 2 March 2012.

While a commercial success - the album reached the first position in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the first week after its release - critical reception of auch was generally mixed. Promoting and touring in support of the album led to personal tensions within the band that resulted in the Die Ärzte's second hiatus (which unlike their first one was unintended) that ended with the writing and recording of Hell, released in 2020.

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