Saturday, December 11, 2021

Notre Dame - Coming Soon to a Théatre Near you!!! (1998)

Notre Dame - Coming Soon to a Théatre Near you!!! (1998)

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Snowy Shaw Discography (with Notre Dame)

1998 Coming Soon to a Théatre Near you!!!

1999 Le Théâtre du Vampire

1999 Nightmare Before Christmas

2000 Abattoir, Abattoir du Noir

2002 Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You, The 2nd

2004 Demi Monde Bizarros

2005 Creepshow Freakshow Peepshow

Snowy Shaw (born Tommie Mike Christer Helgesson on 25 July 1968) is a Swedish heavy metal musician (primarily a drummer), based in the port city of Gothenburg in the west coast of Sweden. He has played with many heavy metal bands, like King Diamond, Dream Evil, Mercyful Fate, IllWill, Notre Dame and Memento Mori. Snowy is adept at playing guitar as well as drums. He is a primary songwriter in Dream Evil. In October 2006 Snowy joined the symphonic metal band Therion, singing on the Gothic Kabbalah album and participated in the 2007 tour together with already established singer Mats Levén. On 24 August 2010, he was announced as the new bassist and clean vocalist of symphonic black metal band Dimmu Borgir, although he was only officially a member for one day then quit and rejoined Therion.

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