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Oomph! - Unrein (1998)

Oomph! - Unrein (1998)

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Mutters Schoß (Mother's Lap) (01:12)

Unsere Rettung (Our Salvation) (05:04)

Die Maske (The Mask) (06:06)

My Hell (05:19)

Gekreuzigt (Crucified) (04:22)

Zero Endorphine (03:06) (instrumental)

Willst du mein Leben entern? (Do You Want to Board My Life?) (04:20)

(Why I'll Never Be) Clean Again (05:28)

Unrein (Impure) (05:51)

Anniversary (04:51)

Foil (04:31)

Bastard (06:51)

Another Disease (05:30)

Meine Wunden (My Wounds) (07:15)

This Time (4:36)*

Monolith (4:20) (instrumental)*

*"This Time" and "Monolith" were later added as bonus tracks for the Napalm Records re-release of the album in September 2019.


"Gekreuzigt" (26 January 1998)

"Unsere Rettung" (27 April 1998)

"Gekreuzigt" was re-made in 2006 as a double A-side with "The Power of Love", a Frankie Goes to Hollywood cover.

Album Credits

Produced by Oomph!

Music composed by Oomph!

Lyrics written by Dero Goi

Unrein (German for "Impure") is the 5th studio album by German rock band Oomph!. It's the first album released on Virgin Schallplatten.

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