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Sator - Slammer! (1988)

Sator - Slammer! (1988)

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Sator is a Swedish rock band. The band was founded in Borlänge as Sator Codex in 1981. Sator Codex released one album, "Wanna Start A Fire?" and three singles before shortening their name in 1987 and continuing without their previous lead singer Björn Clarin and changing their sound. Chips Kiesbye is also a successful producer and has worked with The Hellacopters, Sahara Hotnights, Millencolin and several other rock bands.

Sator Band Members / Musicians

Kent Norberg: lead vocals, guitar

Chips Kiesbye: lead vocals, guitar

Hans Gäfvert: keyboards, samples

Heikki Kiviaho: bass, backing vocals

Michael Solén: drums

Sator Discography Full

Studio albums

1998 Slammer!

1990 Stock Rocker Nuts!

1992 Headquake

1994 Barbie-Q-Killers vol. 1

1995 Stereo

1998 Musical Differences

2006 Basement Noise

2011 Under The Radar


1998 Oh Mama (Lili & Susie cover)

1990 World

1990 Restless Again

1990 Hello Hello! (I'm Back Again) (Gary Glitter cover)

1992 We're Right, You're Wrong

1992 I Wanna Go Home

1993 Ring Ring (ABBA cover)

1993 I'd Rather Drink Than Talk

1994 No Solution (The Nuns cover) – (1994)

1994 I'll Wait (The Suicide Commandos cover)

1994 Nothing Hurts

1995 Out Of The Void

1995 This Is My Life (Gasolin' cover)

1995 Even As We Speak

1995 It Really Doesn't Matter Now

1995 I'm Gone

1998 Everybody's Making Plans

1998 Love MF

1999 TV-Night

1999 Droppin' out!

2009 Leksands EP

2010 I Wanna Go Home (Twenty-ten)

2013 World Keeps Turning

2017 When You Lie Down With Dogs


2007 Live at Sticky Fingers 2006

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