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The Hellacopters - Grande Rock (1999)

The Hellacopters - Grande Rock (1999)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Action De Grâce"   2:17

2. "Alright Already Now"   2:56

3. "Move Right out of Here"   2:09

4. "Welcome to Hell"   5:19

5. "The Electric Index Eel"   1:52

6. "Paul Stanley"   2:01

7. "The Devil Stole the Beat from the Lord"   3:54

8. "Dogday Mornings"   3:20

9. "Venus in Force"   3:00

10. "5 vs. 7"   5:39

11. "Lonely"   3:07

12. "Renvoyer"   2:22


The Hellacopters Band Members / Musicians

Nicke Andersson – Vocals guitars

Kenny Håkansson – Bass guitar

Anders Lindström – Guitar, piano

Robert Eriksson – Drums

Matt McHellburger – Harp, vocals

Pike McWalleye – Vocals, acoustic guitar

Zquaty – Percussion

Odd De Cologne – Voice

Stefan Boman – Mixing, editing

Åsa Winzell – Mastering

Anders Lind – Recording engineer

Ray Hill – Pinstriping

Lance hammond – Photography

Grande Rock is the 3rd album released by the Swedish rock band The Hellacopters. Due to the departure of original guitarist Dregen, pianist Anders Lindström stepped in to record guitars under the pseudonym Boba Lee Fett. The record was released both on CD and on vinyl, the vinyl version was available in seven different colors depending on which country it was sold in. The Japanese release also contains the bonus tracks "Only Got The Shakes" and "Keepin' On". The Shock CD version contains "Makes It Alright", "Heart of the Matter" and "Holiday Cramp" as bonus tracks as well as two music videos on an additional CD-ROM.

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