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Theatres des Vampires - Candyland (2016)

Theatres des Vampires - Candyland (2016)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Morgana Effect"   3:42

2. "Resurrection Mary"   4:15

3. "Delusional Denial" (feat. Billy T. Cooper)   3:09

4. "Parasomnia"   4:09

5. "Candyland"   4:03

6. "Your Ragdoll"   3:21

7. "Pierrot Lunaire"   3:16

8. "Photographic" (Depeche Mode cover)   3:35

9. "Opium Shades"   3:28

10. "Seventh Room" (feat. Fernando Ribeiro)   3:25

11. "Autumn Leaves"   3:35

Theatres des Vampires Band Members / Musicians

Sonya Scarlet – vocals

Zimon Lijoi – bass guitar

Gabriel Valerio – drums

Giorgio Ferrante – guitar

Fernando Ribeiro – vocals (track 10)

Billy T. Cooper (Tiziano Panini) – vocals (track 3)

Francesco Sosto – keyboards, arrangements (track 7)

Luca Bellanova – keyboards, arrangements (track 11)

Elisa Pezzuto – backing vocals

Christian Ice – production, mixing, mastering

Daniele Pompei, Luca Cavallari – photography

Candyland is the 10th studio album by Italian gothic metal band Theatres des Vampires, released through Scarlet Records on 14 October 2016. Initially announced on 7 July 2016, it is their first studio album in 5 years since Moonlight Waltz, and also their first release with guitarist Giorgio Ferrante, who replaced Stephan Benfante early in 2016. It is noticeably more guitar-driven than the band's previous releases with Sonya Scarlet on vocals, and its lyrics focus less on the vampiric and occult themes the band is famous for. A music video for the track "Morgana Effect" was uploaded to the band's official YouTube channel on 29 September 2016.

The album counts with guest appearances by Moonspell vocalist Fernando Ribeiro and J.T.R. Sickert frontman Tiziano Panini (a.k.a. Billy T. Cooper), Scarlet's husband.

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