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X Japan - Jealousy (1992)

X Japan - Jealousy (1992)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Es Dur no Piano Sen" (Es Durのピアノ線)   1:50

2. "Silent Jealousy"   7:15

3. "Miscast"   5:12

4. "Desperate Angel"   5:48

5. "White Wind from Mr. Martin ~Pata's Nap~"   1:01

6. "Voiceless Screaming"   6:11

7. "Stab Me in the Back"   3:54

8. "Love Replica"   4:33

9. "Joker"   5:12

10. "Say Anything"   8:40

Disc 2 2007 Special edition bonus disc

1. "Silent Jealousy (Instrumental)"   7:21

2. "Miscast (Instrumental)"   5:16

3. "Desperate Angel (Instrumental)"   5:54

4. "Voiceless Screaming (Instrumental)   6:18

5. "Stab Me in the Back (Instrumental)"   3:52

6. "Joker (Instrumental)"   5:32

7. "Say Anything (Instrumental)"   8:42


X Japan Band Members / Musicians

Vocals: Toshi

Guitar: hide

Guitar: Pata

Bass: Taiji

Drums, piano: Yoshiki

Synthesizer: Steve Croes

Harmonica: Stanley Behrens

Background vocals on "Desperate Angel": Roger Love, Gene Miller, Warren Ham

Voice: Angel Figueroa, Laura McBroom ("Joker"), Sylviane Le Chevalier ("Love Replica")

Concertmaster: Bruce Dukov

Conductor, arranger (strings): David Campbell

Producer, arranger: X

Co-producer: Naoshi Tsuda, Roger Love (vocal)

Executive producer: Hiroshi Inagaki

Engineer: Joe Tortorici, Kenji Nakai, Stanley Salters

Assistant engineer: Bob Lacivita, Dave Levy, Duane Seykora, Gregg McConnell, Jeff Alden, Jeff Rach, Jiro Ogawa, John Paterno, Motonobu Mantani, Scott Jochim, Tracy Chisholm

Recorded by: Mitsuyasu Abe, Tetsuhiro Miyajima

Mixed By, Engineer: Bruce Miller, Paul Winger, Rich Breen

Mixed, Recorded: Gremlin

Mastered by: Teppei Kasai

Creative director: Shigeo Gotoh

Art direction, Design: Hiroshi Ooki

Front cover concept: Screaming Mad George, Yoshiki

Mask and make up: Screaming Mad George

Photographer: Takashi Matsuda, Bruno

Jealousy is the 3rd studio album by Japanese heavy metal band X Japan, then known as simply X. The album was released on July 1, 1991 by Sony, as the band's second major label release. Jealousy is the band's best-selling album, having sold more than one million copies, it topped the Oricon chart and stayed on the chart for 50 weeks. The album's singles would also reach the top three on the chart. It is their last album under the name "X", before changing to "X Japan", and the last to feature Taiji on bass, who would be replaced by Heath.

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