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HushPuppies - The Trap (2005)

HushPuppies - The Trap (2005)

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1. 1975

2. Packt Up Like Sardines in a Crushtin Box

3. You're Gonna Say Yeah!

4. Marthelot 'N' Clavencine

5. Sorry So

7. Pale Blue Eyes

8. Comptine

9. Bassautobahn

10. Alice in Wonderland

11. Single

12. You & Me

13. The Trap

14. Automatic 6

HushPuppies Band Members / Musicians

Singer: Olivier Jourdan

Guitar: Cyrille Sudraud

Drums: Franck Pompidor

Bass guitar: Guillaume Le Guen

Keyboard: Wilfried Jourdan (Olivier's brother)

HushPuppies is a French garage rock and indie rock band influenced by the various bands of the 1960s. Members of the group live in Paris, France, although originate from Perpignan and Bordeaux.

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