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Jean-Jacques Goldman - Chansons pour les pieds (2001)

Jean-Jacques Goldman - Chansons pour les pieds (2001)

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"Ensemble" – 3:59

"Et l'on n'y peut rien" – 3:38

"Une poussière" – 5:33

"La pluie" – 8:25

"Tournent les violons" – 4:38

"Un goût sur tes lèvres" – 4:29

"Si je t'avais pas" – 4:50

"C'est pas vrai" – 4:56

"The Quo's in town tonite" – 5:14

"Je voudrais vous revoir" – 5:12

"Les p'tits chapeaux" – 3:54

"Les choses" – 8:38

"La vie c'est mieux quand on est amoureux"

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Jean-Jacques Goldman Band Members / Musicians

Gildas Arzel – guitar, mandocello, oud, primary artist, slide guitar

Eric Benzi – arranger, engineer, programming, realization

Francois Breugnot – violone

Yvan Cassar – musical direction

Gilles Chabenat – primary artist, vielle

Marc Chantereau – percussion, primary artist

Nicolas Duport – engineer

Claude Gassian – photography

Michel Gaucher – primary artist, trombone

Jean-Jacques Goldman – primary artist, realization

Alexis Grosbois – booklet design, coordination

Christophe Guiot – concert master

Didier Havet – euphonium, bass trombone

Michael Jones – choeurs, guitar

Raphaël Jonin – gravure

Denis Leloup – primary artist, trombone

Christian Lemaitre – violone

Bruno LeRouzic – cornemuse, primary artist

Gildas Lointier – advisor, engineer, sound recording

Christian Martinez – primary artist, trumpet

Eric Mula – primary artist

Christophe Negre – director, flute, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone

Fréderic Paris – flute

Carlo Rizzo – primary artist, tambourine

Phillipe Slominski – bugle, trumpet

Jean-Pierre Solves – clarinet, piccolo, alto saxophone, baritone saxophone

Patrice Tison – guitar effects, performer, primary artist

Renaud Van Welden – assistant publisher

Chansons pour les pieds was a 2001 album by Jean-Jacques Goldman sung in French. The album was recorded at the Théâtre du Cratère d'Alès by Eric Van de Hel and Gildas Lointier, assisted by Renaud Van Welden. All songs were written by the singer himself. Released by JRG, the album met smash success on the charts : it topped the French and Belgian Albums Charts and remained charted for almost two years, and was #2 in Switzerland. As the title ("Songs for the Feet") suggests, all the tracks are devoted to dance and represent music styles (canon chorale, gigue, technoriental, slow, tarentelle, R&B, ballad, disco, rock, slow zouk, fanfare swing, pop).

There was a sole single from this album : "Et l'on y peut rien", which peaked at #7 in France, 37 in Belgium (Wallonia) and #61 in Switzerland.

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