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Les Négresses Vertes - Mlah (1988)

Les Négresses Vertes - Mlah (1988)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "La Valse"

2. "Zobi la Mouche"

3. "C'est Pas la Mer à Boire"

4. "Voilà l'Été"

5. "Orane"

6. "La Faim des Haricots"

7. "Les Yeux de Ton Père"

8. "Il"

9. "L'Homme des Marais"

10. "Les Rablablas les Roubliblis"

11. "Marcelle Ratafia"

12. "La Danse des Négresses Vertes"

13. "Hey Maria"

14. "Le Père Magloire"

Les Négresses Vertes Band Members / Musicians

Helno — vocals

Melino — vocals, guitar

Mathieu Canavese — guitar, accordion, background vocals

Paulo — guitar, bass, background vocals

Abraham Sirinix — harmonica, trombone, percussion, background vocals

Twist — trumpet, percussion

L'Ami Ro — piano, percussion, background vocals

Gaby — drums, percussion

Iza, Juanita, Julo, Nono — background vocals

Mlah is the debut album by Les Négresses Vertes, released in 1988.

Les Négresses Vertes, which formed in 1987, is a French music group that is best described as a fusion of world music and some aspects of alternative rock. Tracks often feature acoustic guitar and accordion, with some containing other traditional instruments such as piano and brass. The group's style is fairly upbeat and energetic on the majority of its tracks, with unusual rhythms, vocals delivered with a generous dose of zeal and vibrant energy, and accompaniment melodies ranging from lilting and distant to eccentric and fast-paced. These two factors give many of the group's pieces a strong sense of direction.

Les Négresses Vertes Discography Full

1988 Mlah

1991 Famille nombreuse

1994 An Aperitif

1994 Zig-zague

1996 Green Bus, live

1999 Trabendo

2001 Acoustic Clubbing


1993 10 Remixes (’87–’93)

2002 Le Grand Déballage

2004 L'essentiel

200 À l’Affiche


1989 Il

1989 Zobi La Mouche

1989 Voila L’ete

1990 "I Love Paris" (Tribute album "Red Hot + Blue" produced by the Red Hot Organization)

1991 Face à La Mer

1992 Famille Heureuse

1992 Hou! Mamma Mia

1992 Sous Le soleil de bodega

1994 Apres La pluie

1994 Mambo Show

1995 A Quoi Bon

1999 Easy Girls

1999 Leila

2000 Hasta Llegar ('Promo' CD - was never released)

2000 Spank / Abuela

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