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Titãs - Titanomaquia (1993)

Titãs - Titanomaquia (1993)

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1. "Será Que É Isso Que Eu Necessito?" (Is This Really What I Need?)   2:49

2. "Nem Sempre Se Pode Ser Deus" (It's Not Always Possible to Be God)   2:15

3. "Disneylândia" (Disneyland)   2:46

4. "Hereditário" (Hereditary)   2:05

5. "Estados Alterados da Mente" (Altered States of Mind)   3:42

6. "Agonizando" (Agonizing)   3:35

7. "De Olhos Fechados" (With Eyes Closed)   2:11

8. "Fazer o Quê?" (What to Do?)   3:27

9. "A Verdadeira Mary Poppins" (The Real Mary Poppins)   2:22

10. "Felizes São os Peixes" (Happy Are the Fish)   2:13

11. "Tempo Pra Gastar" (Time to Spend)   3:45

12. "Dissertação do Papa Sobre o Crime Seguida de Orgia" (The Pope's Dissertation About Crime Followed by an Orgy)   3:07

13. "Taxidermia" (Taxidermy)   3:36

Titãs Band Members / Musicians

Paulo Miklos - vocals, Synthesizer and Sampler (lead vocals on "Taxidermia", "A Verdadeira Mary Poppins", "Disneylândia" and "De olhos fechados", backing vocals)

Sérgio Britto - Vocals, Mini-moog and Organ (lead vocals on "Agonizando", "Fazer o quê?", "Tempo pra gastar" and "Será que é Isso que eu necessito?", backing vocals)

Branco Mello - Vocals (lead vocals on "Dissertação do Papa Sobre O Crime Seguida de Orgia", "Felizes são os peixes", "Nem sempre se pode ser Deus" and "Estados Alterados da Mente", backing vocals)

Nando Reis - Bass and vocals (lead vocals in "Hereditário")

Charles Gavin - drums and percussion

Tony Bellotto - Lead Guitar and Rhythm Guitar

Marcelo Fromer - Rhythm & Lead Guitar

Jack Endino - Guitar (final chords in "Agonizando"), rhythm guitar and feedback in "Disneylândia"

Titanomaquia (Titanomachy) is the 7th album released by Brazilian rock band Titãs, released in 10 July 1993. All songs are credited to the band as a whole (except for three tracks co-credited to the just-departed Arnaldo Antunes), as it happened in the previous album, Tudo Ao Mesmo Tempo Agora. Also, it marks the first time Jack Endino worked with them, the only foreign one they ever worked with.

Until December 1994, it had sold 125,000 copies in Brazil and 3,500 in Argentina.

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