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Titãs - Tudo ao Mesmo Tempo Agora (1991)

Titãs - Tudo ao Mesmo Tempo Agora (1991)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Clitóris" (Clitoris)   3:48

2. "O Fácil é o Certo" (The Easy Thing is the Right Thing)   2:13

3. "Filantrópico" (Philanthropic)   2:28

4. "Cabeça" (Head)   2:06

5. "Já" (Ever)   2:13

6. "Eu Vezes Eu" (Me Times Me)   2:47

7. "Isso Para Mim é Perfume" (This Is Perfume to Me)   3:18

8. "Saia de Mim" (Get Out of Me)   3:10

9. "Flat – Cemitério – Apartamento" (Flat – Cemetery – Apartment)   1:36

10. "Agora" (Now)   2:34

11. "Não é Por Não Falar" (It's Not for Not Talking)   2:31

12. "Obrigado" (Thank You)   1:06

13. "Se Você Está Aqui" (If You Are Here)   2:52

14. "Eu Não Sei Fazer Música" (I Don't Know How to Make Music)   2:50

15. "Uma Coisa de Cada Vez" (One Thing at a Time)   3:16

Titãs Band Members / Musicians

Arnaldo Antunes – lead vocals and guitar

Branco Mello – lead vocals

Nando Reis – Bass and lead vocals

Paulo Miklos – keyboards and lead vocals

Sérgio Britto – keyboards and lead vocals

Marcelo Fromer – rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar

Tony Bellotto – lead guitar, rhythm guitar

Charles Gavin – drums and percussion

Tudo Ao Mesmo Tempo Agora (Everything at the Same Time Now) is the 6th album by Brazilian rock band Titãs, released on 23 September 1991 via Warner and produced by the band itself, which also, for the first time, is credited as a whole for the songwriting and arrangements, instead of crediting individual members.

It is also their last album to feature vocalist Arnaldo Antunes, who left the group the year after.[4] It marks another musical shift for the band, which now returned to a more straight-forward rock with aggressive and even scatological lyrics, as in "Isso Para Mim É Perfume" and "Saia de Mim". Due to such lyrics, the album did not immediately please critics nor fans, who showed little enthusiasm towards it.

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