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Titãs - Titãs (1984)

Titãs - Titãs (1984)

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1. "Sonífera Ilha" (Sleepy Island)   2:56
2. "Marvin (Patches)"   4:15
3. "Babi Índio"   3:42
4. "Go Back"   3:41
5. "Pule" (Jump)   2:56
6. "Querem Meu Sangue" (They Want My Blood)   3:11
7. "Mulher Robô" (Robot Woman)   2:25
8. "Demais" (Could mean both "too much" and "wonderful")   2:51
9. "Toda Cor" (Every Color)   3:24
10. "Balada para John e Yoko"   2:38
11. "Seu Interesse" (Your Interest)   3:11

Titãs Band Members / Musicians

Nando Reis - lead vocals, Bass guitar in "Sonífera Ilha", "Go Back", "Mulher Robot" and "Pule"

Paulo Miklos - Lead vocals, bass guitar, keyboards in "Go back"

André Jung - drums and percussion

Arnaldo Antunes - Lead vocals

Branco Mello - Lead vocals

Tony Bellotto - Electric guitar, backing vocals

Sérgio Britto - Lead vocals and keyboards

Marcelo Fromer - Electric guitar

Alberto Marcicano - Zither in "Demais"

Eduardo Souto Neto - Arrangement and conducting of metals in "Querem Meu Sangue" and "Balada Para John e Yoko")

George Freire Soprano Saxophone in "Marvin"

Gil and Nono -Trumpet

Proveta and Baldo - Saxophone

Ivan - Trombone

Titãs is the debut album of Brazilian rock band Titãs. It is the only album to feature André Jung on drums. The album also features Pena Schmidt's production and some contributions from vocalist Ciro Pessoa, who founded the band only to quit before the album was released. Though the album sold poorly (less than 50,000 copies by the time of its release), it generated some hit singles and secured some performances at popular TV shows such as the ones presented by Chacrinha and Hebe Camargo. By August 1997, its total sales were at 109,000.

In its cover, there is a picture of the members in which they appear to be slightly pending to their right, but in reality they were all standing straight. The photograph was taken in a ramp-like surface and later adjusted in the cover so that all members were aligned.

Titãs (Portuguese pronunciation: [tʃiˈtɐ̃s]) are a Brazilian rock band from São Paulo. Though they basically play pop/alternative rock, their music has touched a number of other styles throughout their 30-year career, such as new wave, punk rock, grunge, MPB and electronic music.

Titãs Band Members / Musicians

Branco Mello – lead and backing vocals (1981–present, on hiatus: 2018); bass (2002–present, in some tracks: 2002–2009, in most tracks: 2009–present, on hiatus: 2018); acoustic guitar on unplugged shows (2016–present, on hiatus: 2018)

Sérgio Britto – keyboards, piano, organ, synthesizer, mellotron, lead and backing vocals (1981–present); bass on tracks sung by Mello (2009–present); acoustic guitar (2016–present)

Tony Bellotto – lead, rhythm, acoustic, slide, wah-wah, 6 and 12-string guitar (1981–present); occasional backing and lead vocals (2016–present)

Paulo Miklos – lead and backing vocals, saxophone, mandolin, banjo, harmonica, occasional keyboards and bass (1981–2016); rhythm, lead and acoustic guitar (occasionally: 1981–2001, full-time: 2001–2016, in some tracks only: 2001–2009, in all tracks: 2009–2016)

Charles Gavin – drums, percussion (1985–2010)

Nando Reis – bass, backing and lead vocals, occasional acoustic guitar (1981–2002)

Marcelo Fromer – rhythm, lead and acoustic guitar (1981–2001; his death)

Arnaldo Antunes – lead and backing vocals (1981–1992)

André Jung – drums (1981–1985)

Ciro Pessoa – backing and lead vocals (1981–1984; died 2020)

Beto Lee – rhythm and lead guitar, backing vocals (2016–present)

Mario Fabre – drums (2010–present)

Lee Marcucci – bass (2002–2009 touring and session; 2018 as substitute)

André Fonseca – rhythm and lead guitar, backing vocals (2007–2009 touring only)

Emerson Villani – rhythm and lead guitar, backing vocals (1998 touring only, 2001–2007 touring and session)

Titãs Discography Full
1984 Titãs
1985 Televisão
1986 Cabeça Dinossauro
1987 Jesus não Tem Dentes no País dos Banguelas
1989 Õ Blésq Blom
1991 Tudo ao Mesmo Tempo Agora
1993 Titanomaquia
1995 Domingo
1997 Acústico MTV
1998 Volume Dois
1999 As Dez Mais
2001 A Melhor Banda de Todos os Tempos da Última Semana
2003 Como Estão Vocês?
2009 Sacos Plásticos
2014 Nheengatu
2018 Doze Flores Amarelas
2020 Titãs Trio Acústico

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