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Titãs - Televisão (1985)

Titãs - Televisão (1985)

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1. "Televisão" (Television)   3:40

2. "Insensível" (Insensitive)   4:25

3. "Pavimentação" (Pavement)   2:25

4. "Dona Nenê" (Mrs. Nenê)   3:35

5. "Pra Dizer Adeus" (To Say Goodbye)   5:00

6. "Não Vou Me Adaptar" (I Won't Adapt Myself)   2:45

7. "Tudo Vai Passar" (Everything Will Pass)   3:40

8. "Sonho com Você" (I Dream About You)   3:05

9. "O Homem Cinza" (The Grey Man)   3:40

10. "Autonomia" (Autonomy)   2:55

11. "Massacre" (slaughter)   1:40

Titãs Band Members / Musicians

Arnaldo Antunes - vocals

Branco Mello - Vocals

Nando Reis - Bass, vocals

Charles Gavin - drums, Timpani

Sérgio Britto - Keyboards, vocals

Paulo Miklos - Vocals, keyboards in "Não Vou Me Adaptar", "Tudo Vai Passar" and "Insensível", bass in "Pra Dizer Adeus".

Marcelo Fromer - Rhythm & Lead Guitar

Tony Bellotto - Lead & Rhythm Guitar

Lulu Santos - Lead guitar in "Pra Dizer Adeus", bass in "Dona Nenê".

Leo Gandelman - Saxophone in "Televisão" and "Pavimentação".

Televisão (Television) is the 2nd studio album by Brazilian rock band Titãs, released in 1985 via WEA. It is the first album to feature drummer Charles Gavin, following André Jung's departure in the previous year.

Televisão was conceived to mimic a television, in that each track represented a channel, i.e. tracks would navigate between musical genres just like different kinds of programs could be watched by switching channels. The cover picture wasn't edited so it would look like a TV screenshot; the band was effectively filmed by a camera and the images were broadcast to a television, and the photographer took a picture of its screen.

It was the band's first album produced by Lulu Santos, who was chosen in order to create a different sound from other Brazilian rock bands of that time.

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