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Titãs - Cabeça Dinossauro (1986)

Titãs - Cabeça Dinossauro (1986)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Cabeça Dinossauro" (Dinosaur Head)   2:19

2. "AA UU"   3:01

3. "Igreja" (Church)   2:47

4. "Polícia" (Police)   2:07

5. "Estado Violência" (Violence State)   3:07

6. "A Face do Destruidor" (The Face of the Destroyer)    0:38

7. "Porrada" (Punch)   2:49

8. "Tô Cansado" (I'm Tired)   2:16

9. "Bichos Escrotos" (Freaky Critters)   3:14

10. "Família" (Family)   3:32

11. "Homem Primata" (Primate Man)   3:27

12. "Dívidas" (Debts)   3:08

13. "O Quê" (What)   5:40

Bonus track on 2012 re-issue

14. "Vai pra Rua" (Go to the Streets)   2:20

Titãs Band Members / Musicians

Arnaldo Antunes — vocals

Branco Mello — vocals

Paulo Miklos — bass (on "Igreja") and vocals

Nando Reis — bass and vocals

Sérgio Britto — keyboard and vocals

Marcelo Fromer — rhythm guitar, lead guitar (on "Igreja" and "Família")

Tony Bellotto — lead guitar, rhythm guitar (on "Igreja" and "Família")

Charles Gavin — drums and percussion

Liminha — rhythm guitar (in "Família" and "O Quê"), percussion (in "Cabeça Dinossauro") and Oberheim DMX (in "O Quê")

Repolho — castanets (in "Homem Primata")

Cabeça Dinossauro (Portuguese for Dinosaur Head) is the 3rd studio album by Brazilian rock band Titãs, released in 25 June 1986. It was their first album produced by Liminha, who was the director of WEA at the time of the album's recording, which facilitated the relationship between band and label and their first gold album, certified as such in December 1986.

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