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Freddie Mercury - Messenger of the Gods: The Singles (Compilation) (2016)

Freddie Mercury - Messenger of the Gods: The Singles (Compilation) (2016)

Tracklist front / back album covers

Disc one: The Singles

1. "Living on My Own" (Single Edit)   3:05

2. "The Great Pretender"   3:25

3. "In My Defence"   3:54

4. "Love Kills"   4:28

5. "Barcelona" (Single Version)   4:25

6. "Made in Heaven" (Single Remix)   4:08

7. "Time"   4:01

8. "Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow"   3:46

9. "I Was Born to Love You"   3:39

10. "The Golden Boy" (Single Edit)   5:14

11. "I Can Hear Music"   3:24

12. "How Can I Go On" (Single Version)   4:02

13. "Living on My Own" (No More Brothers Remix)   3:40

Total length:   51:11

Disc two: The B-Sides

1. "Goin' Back" (Single Edit)   3:32

2. "Let's Turn It On"   3:25

3. "My Love Is Dangerous"   3:39

4. "She Blows Hot and Cold"   3:39

5. "Living on My Own" (Julian Raymond Album Mix)   3:37

6. "Stop All the Fighting"   3:18

7. "Time" (Instrumental)   3:22

8. "Exercises in Free Love" (Freddie Vocal)   3:59

9. "Exercises in Free Love" (Montserrat Vocal)   4:04

10. "The Fallen Priest" (B-Side Edit)   2:45

11. "Overture Piccante"   6:40

12. "Love Kills" (Wolf Euro Mix)   3:27

Total length:   47:56

Coloured 7" vinyl box set

Disc 1 (Blue)

Side A: "I Can Hear Music" (Larry Lurex)

Side B: "Goin' Back" (Larry Lurex)

Disc 2 (Orange)

Side A: "Love Kills"

Disc 3 (Yellow)

Side A: "I Was Born to Love You"

Side B: "Stop All The Fighting"

Disc 4 (Red)

Side A: "Made in Heaven (Single Remix)"

Side B: "She Blows Hot and Cold"

Released in 1985

Disc 5 (White)

Side A: "Living on My Own (Single Edit)"

Side B: "My Love Is Dangerous"

Disc 6 (Red)

Side A: "Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow"

Side B: "Let's Turn It On"

Disc 7 (Cyan)

Side A: "Time"

Side B: "Time (Instrumental)"

Disc 8 (Orange)

Side A: "The Great Pretender"

Side B: "Exercises in Free Love (Freddie's Vocal)"

Disc 9 (Clear)

Side A: "Barcelona (Single Version)"

Side B: "Exercises in Free Love (Montserrat's Vocal)"

Disc 10 (Gold)

Side A: "The Golden Boy (Single Edit)"

Side B: "The Fallen Priest"

Disc 11 (Green)

Side A: "How Can I Go On (Single Version)"

Side B: "Overture Piccante"

Disc 12 (Neon Pink)

Side A: "In My Defence"

Side B: "Love Kills (Wolf Euro Mix)"

Disc 13 (Yellow)

Side A: "Living on My Own (No More Brothers Remix)"

Side B: "Living on My Own (Julian Raymond Album Mix)"

Messenger of the Gods: The Singles is a compilation album of Freddie Mercury's singles. It was released three days before what would have been Mercury's 70th birthday.

As well as a two-CD compilation album, the album has been released on a 13-vinyl box set reproducing singles on 7" vinyl and the same artwork. The earliest single issued is The Beach Boys song "I Can Hear Music" and the last single in chronological order is the No More Brothers remix of "Living on My Own".

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