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Halestorm - Vicious (2018)

Halestorm - Vicious (2018)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Black Vultures"   4:10
2. "Skulls"   3:19
3. "Uncomfortable"   3:40
4. "Buzz"   3:22
5. "Do Not Disturb"   3:23
6. "Conflicted"   3:29
7. "Killing Ourselves to Live"   4:00
8. "Heart of Novocaine"   3:33
9. "Painkiller"   3:13
10. "White Dress"   3:29
11. "Vicious"   3:01
12. "The Silence"   4:47

Total length:   43:26

Walmart edition bonus tracks
13. "Nobody"   4:12
14. "Letters"   5:19

Total length:   52:57

Vinyl edition bonus tracks
13. "Now That You're Gone"   2:51
14. "Nobody"   4:12
15. "Golden"   4:13
16. "Letters"   5:19

Total length:   60:01

Japanese edition bonus tracks
13. "Tokyo"   3:46
14. "Love Bites (So Do I)" (Live in Philly 2015)   3:33

Total length:   50:55

Halestorm Band Members / Musicians / Album Credits

Lzzy Hale – vocals, guitar, piano, synths, talk box on "Buzz"

Arejay Hale – drums, backing vocals

Joe Hottinger – lead guitar, backing vocals, synths

Josh Smith – bass guitar, piano, backing vocals, synths

Suzi Akyuz – product manager
David Brown – guitar technician
Rock Falcon – drum technician
Jimmy Fontaine – photography
Ted Jensen – mastering
Nik Karpen – mixing assistance
Alex Kirzhner – creative direction and design
Jordan Logue – assistance
Chris Lord-Alge – mixing
Brian Ranney – packaging manager
Nick Raskulinecz – producer
Scott Stevens – additional production
Nathan Yarborough – engineering

Vicious is the 4th studio album by American rock band Halestorm. It was released on July 27, 2018 through Atlantic Records. Three singles were released, each of them having a music video. The video for the lead single "Uncomfortable" was directed by Evan Brace.

The album peaked at number 8 on the Billboard 200 and topped both the US and UK Rock Albums charts.

The American rock band Halestorm released their third studio album, Into the Wild Life, on April 10, 2015. This was followed up with 2017's Reanimate 3.0: The Covers EP, produced by Nick Raskulinecz. The band ended up discarding 15 songs, as frontwoman Lzzy Hale became displeased with the material out of fear that she was "paying way too much attention to making everybody happy." The band reunited with Raskulinecz in Nashville, Tennessee's Rock Falcon studio for what began as a series of live jam sessions. By February 2018, Hale announced that the new album was "almost done," and that Halestorm had "about two or three weeks left of recording just to put the cherries on top."

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