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R.E.M. - Murmur (1983)

R.E.M. - Murmur (1983)

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R.E.M. - Murmur
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Side one
"Radio Free Europe" – 4:06
"Pilgrimage" – 4:30
"Laughing" – 3:57
"Talk About the Passion" – 3:23
"Moral Kiosk" – 3:31
"Perfect Circle" – 3:29

Side two
"Catapult" – 3:55
"Sitting Still" – 3:17
"9–9" – 3:03
"Shaking Through" – 4:30
"We Walk" – 3:02
"West of the Fields" – 3:17

R.E.M. Band Members / Musicians
Bill Berry – drums, backing vocals, percussion, bass guitar, piano

Peter Buck – electric & acoustic guitars

Mike Mills – bass guitar, backing vocals, piano, organ, acoustic guitar, vibraphone on "Pilgrimage"

Michael Stipe – lead vocals

Greg Calbi – mastering at Sterling Sound, New York City, New York, United States

Don Dixon – co-producer, additional acoustic guitars, bass guitar on "Perfect Circle"

Mitch Easter – co-producer, additional acoustic guitars, backwards guitar on "Perfect Circle"

Carl Grasso – art design

Ann Kinney – art design

Sandra Lee Phipps – photography and art design

Murmur is the debut studio album by American alternative rock band R.E.M., released on April 12, 1983 by I.R.S. Records. Murmur drew critical acclaim upon its release for its unusual sound, defined by lead singer Michael Stipe's cryptic lyrics, guitarist Peter Buck's jangly guitar style, and bass guitarist Mike Mills' melodic basslines.

R.E.M. was an American rock band from Athens, Georgia, formed in 1980 by drummer Bill Berry, guitarist Peter Buck, bassist Mike Mills, and lead vocalist Michael Stipe, who were students at the University of Georgia. Liner notes from some of the band's albums list attorney Bertis Downs and manager Jefferson Holt as non-musical members. One of the first alternative rock bands, R.E.M. was noted for Buck's ringing, arpeggiated guitar style; Stipe's distinctive vocal quality, unique stage presence, and obscure lyrics; Mills's melodic bass lines and backing vocals; and Berry's tight, economical drumming style. In the early 1990s, other alternative rock acts such as Nirvana and Pavement viewed R.E.M. as a pioneer of the genre. After Berry left the band in 1997, the band continued its career in the 2000s with mixed critical and commercial success. The band broke up amicably in 2011 with members devoting time to solo projects after having sold more than 85 million albums worldwide and becoming one of the world's best-selling music acts.

R.E.M. Band Members / Musicians

Bill Berry – drums, percussion, backing vocals, occasional bass guitar and keyboards (1980–1997; occasional concert appearances with the band 2003–2007)

Peter Buck – lead guitar, mandolin, banjo, occasional bass guitar and keyboards (1980–2011)

Mike Mills – bass guitar, keyboards, backing vocals, occasional co-lead vocals and guitar (1980–2011)

Michael Stipe – lead vocals (1980–2011)

Buren Fowler – rhythm guitar (1986–1987)

Peter Holsapple – rhythm guitar, keyboards (1989–1991)

Scott McCaughey – rhythm guitar, keyboards, backing vocals, occasional lead guitar (1994–2011)

Nathan December – rhythm and lead guitar (1994–1995)

Joey Waronker – drums, percussion (1998–2002)

Barrett Martin – percussion (1998)

Ken Stringfellow – keyboards, occasional rhythm guitar, bass guitar, backing vocals (1998–2005)

Bill Rieflin – drums, percussion, occasional keyboards and guitar (2003–2011)

R.E.M. Discograpy Full

Murmur (1983)
Reckoning (1984)
Fables of the Reconstruction (1985)
Lifes Rich Pageant (1986)
Document (1987)
Green (1988)
Out of Time (1991)
Automatic for the People (1992)
Monster (1994)
New Adventures in Hi-Fi (1996)
Up (1998)
Reveal (2001)
Around the Sun (2004)
Accelerate (2008)
Collapse into Now (2011)

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