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Michael Schenker Group - Built to Destroy (1983)

Michael Schenker Group - Built to Destroy - Released Year 1983

Tracklist front / back album covers

Side one

1. "Rock My Nights Away" Andy Nye, Gary Barden 4:09
2. "I'm Gonna Make You Mine" Nye, Barden, Michael Schenker, Ted McKenna 4:18
3. "The Dogs of War" Barden, Schenker 4:23
4. "Systems Failing" Barden, Schenker 4:25
5. "Captain Nemo" Schenker 3:22

Side two

6. "Still Love That Little Devil" Barden, Schenker 3:24
7. "Red Sky" Schenker, Barden, Chris Glen, McKenna, José Luis Campuzano 5:15
8. "Time Waits (For No One)" Nye, Barden 3:58
9. "Walk the Stage" Barden, Schenker 5:55

Total length: 41:54

Built to Destroy is the fourth album by the Michael Schenker Group (MSG). Gary Barden returned to the group on vocals following the departure of Graham Bonnet amidst tensions with Michael Schenker. This was the band's final studio album prior to their disbanding, and Schenker moving on to form the McAuley Schenker Group with vocalist Robin McAuley. New material released under the Michael Schenker Group name would not appear for over a decade.

The song "Captain Nemo" is the theme song for Eddie Trunk's radio shows Friday Night Rocks on WAXQ and Trunk Nation on XM Radio's Hair Nation Channel.

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