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Helloween - Better Than Raw (1998)

Helloween - Better Than Raw (1998)

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1. "Deliberately Limited Preliminary Prelude in Z" instrumental Uli Kusch 1:45
2. "Push" Andi Deris, Kusch, Michael Weikath Kusch 4:45
3. "Falling Higher" Deris, Weikath Weikath 4:45
4. "Hey Lord!" Deris Deris 4:07
5. "Don't Spit on My Mind" Deris Deris, Markus Grosskopf 4:24
6. "Revelation" Deris Kusch 8:21
7. "Time" Deris Deris 5:43
8. "I Can" Weikath Deris, Weikath 4:38
9. "A Handful of Pain" Deris Kusch 4:49
10. "Lavdate Dominum" Weikath Weikath 5:10
11. "Midnight Sun" Weikath Weikath 6:19

Better Than Raw is the eighth studio album by German power metal band Helloween, released in 1998. The album spawned the singles "I Can" and "Hey Lord!".

The album was recorded at Chateau du Pape and Crazy Cat Studios in Hamburg and at Mi Sueño Studio in Tenerife. It was produced and mixed by Tommy Hansen at Chateau du Pape and mastered by Ian Cooper at Metropolis, London.

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