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Saxon - Saxon (1979)

Saxon - Saxon (1979)

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Tracks written by Biff Byford, Paul Quinn, Graham Oliver, Steve Dawson & Pete Gill.

Side one
1. "Rainbow Theme" 3:07
2. "Frozen Rainbow" 2:29
3. "Big Teaser" 3:55
4. "Judgement Day" 5:31

Side two
5. "Stallions of the Highway" 2:52
6. "Backs to the Wall"    3:09
7. "Still Fit to Boogie"    2:53
8. "Militia Guard"     4:50

2009 remaster bonus tracks
9. "Big Teaser" (Son of a Bitch demo, 1978) 3:50
10. "Stallions of the Highway" (Son of a Bitch demo, 1978) 3:03
11. "Backs to the Wall" (Son of a Bitch demo, 1978) 3:12
12. "Rainbow Theme" (Son of a Bitch demo, 1978) 4:38
13. "Frozen Rainbow" (Son of a Bitch demo, 1978) 2:32
14. "Backs to the Wall" (BBC session) 3:17
15. "Stallions of the Highway" (BBC session) 2:47
16. "Motorcycle Man" (BBC session) 3:48
17. "Still Fit to Boogie" (BBC session) 2:46
18. "747 (Strangers in the Night)" (BBC session) 5:02
19. "Judgement Day" (live, b-side "Suzie Hold On") 5:40
20. "Still Fit to Boogie" (live) 2:38
21. "Backs to the Wall" (live) 3:25
22. "Stallions of the Highway" (live) 3:41
Bonus tracks 14-18 recorded on Tommy Vance's Friday Rock Show, transmitted 15 February 1980.
Bonus tracks 20-22 recorded live at Donington, 1980.

Saxon Band Members
Biff Byford - vocals
Graham Oliver - guitar
Paul Quinn - guitar
Steve Dawson - bass guitar
Pete Gill - drums

Saxon is the debut studio album by the English heavy metal band Saxon, released in 1979.

Eduardo Rivadavia of AllMusic gave the album three stars out of five, and, in his mixed review, described it as "the quiet before the storm", in terms of the band's subsequent success, and the rising New Wave of British Heavy Metal. Rivadavia also criticized the band's then-lack of experience in the studio as well as their record label, Carrere, for not knowing "how to capture a heavy metal sound on tape", meaning that the album "only hints at Saxon's true personality, power, and songwriting potential". He also said that the progressive rock sounding "Rainbow Theme"/"Frozen Rainbow" and glam rock sounding "Big Teaser" and "Still Fit to Boogie", "suggested some lingering doubts as to musical direction", but that, overall, "the LP helped to put Saxon on the map".

Canadian journalist Martin Popoff judged the album "meekly recorded and timid in execution", harkening back to "too many '70s styles, ones that barely fit together" with merely hints of the "more uncompromising forms of metal" Saxon would produce in later years.

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